#BGIM Bless God It’s Monday

We thank for the weekend, which was a break from work so that we could relax and be refreshed physically, emotionally and spiritually. Monday is back again and it’s time to kick-start the manifestation of all the blessings received at church over the weekend.


You go to a place of service and you’re treated poorly, later, when they are notified of your identity, they respond “I’M SORRY, I DIDN’T KNOW IT WAS YOU”. How does that feel like?

A very telling personal experience I had was this, I went to buy Recharge Card and the person hadn’t set up her Umbrella as by 10am and I tried knocking on their main gate, for which she responded at a point. So I waited patiently for close to 5 minutes and she never came, so I humbly and majestically walked to another Vendor who was far off. A few days, the lady (an acquaintance I am quite free with) saw me and said it’s been a while since I came to buy Credit, then I told her I was stranded a few days ago behind her gate, for which she replied by the NOW BANDWAGON,



So what do you mean? If it was somebody else, you have remained happy to have treated that person that way???!!! Then I beg to DIFFER, indeed you’re going to MISS DUMBFOUNDING BLESSINGS and I mean it.

Father Abraham would definitely tell you how the promise of God concerning Isaac certainly came to pass.

Have you also treated someone as such before? Are you constantly treated as such at the various places of service? Then, indeed, we are all THROWING AWAY the blessings we so hardly want God to bless us with, by this Discriminatory, Partial & Selective Attitude of ours. That’s purely a POOR WORK ETHIC.

I think we need to all ADVISE ourselves this week and beyond.




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