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#BGIM Bless God It’s Monday

Another Monday presents itself. After a relaxing and religious weekend, it’s time to work to see the blessings of God manifested in our lives.


Yes, I mean find a less stressful way to do the work. The fact is work is difficult and anybody who works hard would tell you that it is stressful most of the time but for the JOY OF THE WORK (check #BGIM previous edition at and the benefits received from doing your work well, we encourage ourselves and gather the strength to accomplish our daily tasks.

The renowned pediatrician, Dr Ben Carson, in his book, Gifted Hands talks about how he made work less stressful and the amazing results he had. During the summer holidays after his first year in Yale University, he had to work with a highway crew in Detroit, USA as a supervisor because he would need the financial returns when school resumes for 2nd Year.

His highway crew had to collect the trash along the roads to keep the city clean. They worked from 7:30 am-4:30 pm each day and most crews made up of five or six young men usually filled 12 plastic bags a day. That’s an average of 2 plastic bags per person for the whole day.

Dr. Ben whose team had covered unprecedented levels of 100 to 200 bags a day, on his 4th day suggested to his crew an unconventional method of coming to work very early at 6am while the sun was now rising with that cool atmosphere and collect the needed trash before it gets hot by 9am.

His crew after back and forth deliberations accepted it and started working with it. And you can’t imagine the results, these 6 young men collected 150 bags each day by 9am whilst the other crews were yet to start work. Thus Ben’s crew had the rest of the day off after 9am but still got paid their daily wages because they met their target.

Dr. Ben Carson deserves a standing ovation. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

Yes, we all accept work is difficult but sometimes we have to look for less-stressful ways to accomplish our daily tasks. It does not mean look for a lazy way of working such that you do a shoddy work. Every work that must be done must be done well.

This week let’s be on the lookout for less stressful ways of working while achieving the same results.
One simple means for some is playing music in the background whilst they work.

#BGIM Bless God It’s Monday

Credit to Dr. Ben Carson, Gifted Hands Book, chapter 9- Changing the Rules.

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#BGEIO Bless God Easter Is Over


After celebrating the Easter over the extended weekend, for which we remembered Jesus Christ’s sacrifice for all mankind, it’s time to get back to work.


Genesis 1:31a in the creation story says “And God saw everything that He had made, and behold it was very good” (ESV)

The Almighty, All-Knowing God after all his creation looked again at all that he done and saw it was good. #BGIM this day infers that even God inspected His own work before He concluded that everything was very good. Thus the need for all mankind to INSPECT our works when we are done.

The question for today is “Do you inspect your work anytime you finish or you are just in a hurry to submit it?”

I also strongly believe that Jesus would have inspected his work (i.e. the sacrifice for mankind) on the cross before He said “It is finished”. This was a work, I am sure He couldn’t take any chances of any little little mistakes, hence, after a good assessment of his PERFECT & BLAMELESS Sacrifice, He could cry out to the Father that It is finished.

So is #BGIM asking for Perfect works?

Not necessarily so, #BGIM is calling for INSPECTION of every work you do so that we can get NEAR PERFECT Works.

In life, we usually demand very good or perfect works from others but we don’t place such demands on ourselves. Hence, anytime our supervisors come to inspect our works, we are always found wanting.

What harm would it cause you to take an extra 2 or 5 minutes to inspect your own work before you submit it?

Students would not inspect their work before submitting their classwork, homework, class test or exams but are expecting 100% always forgetting that they have to make sure all ‘i’s are dotted and all ‘t’s are crossed along with other unnoticed mistakes.

Before submitting the invoice or receipt to your customer for the purchase of your item, please spend a few seconds to crosscheck it.

Before you submit the contract you have signed to the 2nd party, please crosscheck and double check it.

After you have arranged tables and chairs for an event, stand aside and inspect your work, check and see if overcrowding might be an issue, if movement might be easy, if everybody would see what is happening on stage and if not what can you do to help them.

Before you preach or teach in church or school respectively, inspect your notes and make sure every fact is accurate ready for your delivery to the people.

Before you print that document from the computer the next time, please inspect it.

It would save you from trouble and disgrace in the future.

#BGEIO Bless God Easter Is Over
#BGIM Special Edition
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#BGIM: Bless God It’s Monday- WHY DO A WORK for Another to REDO LATER!!!


#BGIM Bless God It’s Monday

After another relaxing weekend where most of us spent time with our maker in worship, we look forward to seeing Him bless us through the WORK of our HANDS in this coming week and beyond.

#BGIM- WHY Do A Work for Another to REDO LATER?!!!

Yes!!! You heard it right. Why Do A Work For Another To REDO LATER? Why? Why?? Why???

In the world of work, if a thing must be done, it must DONE WELL. It must be done ONCE and FOR ALL without the need to waste precious man hours to correct or redo it.

Why would you have to do a work shabbily or hurriedly only to realise it was not done well, thus, your Supervisor would require you do it again or a colleague corrects your work with a better output expected? Don’t think you are being ‘smart’ or cunning by being lazy or by cutting corners because if you continue that way, YOU CAN’T BE RECOMMENDED in the Day of Promotion or Reward. ( For #BGIM Recommendation Edition, click here )

Talk of Redoing a work reminds me of a work some ECG (Electricity Company of Ghana) workers did recently around my school. They had to erect (fix) electric poles to allow for the extension of Electricity Services to that area and environs. I can remember so vividly that when they were ‘fixing’ the poles concerned members of the community including my Proprietress raised issues with how the poles were not in line and the need to shift some of the electric poles backwards. Since, these community members were not the supervisors of the ECG workers, they gave them a deaf ear with the attitude that the digging, carrying and ‘fixing’ of poles was a very difficult work requiring a lot of manual labour.

Lo and Behold, when the other crew came to connect the electric WIRES or CABLES a few weeks later, hmmm, they realised that the previous crew had done a shabby work. Hence, before they could start their work, they had to go round and correct (redo) all the wrongly placed poles before connecting the electric cables.

When I saw this, I said to myself, this is waste of time, manhours, salary, food and even man’s energy to stand in the hot sun to erect the poles requiring REDOING.

Don’t you have such scenarios in and around your place of work, home or community? I believe you have numerous of such examples including those of children.

It is true that the work is very difficult. It is true that the work is tiring. It is the true that none of your colleagues is around to help you finish it. It is true you might not be paid or the renumeration for that work is small. But if it must be DONE, it must be DONE WELL. Otherwise, don’t do it at all and waste your time and energy along with the precious time and energy of the one who would be LATER CALLED to REDO Your Work.

#BGIM Bless God It’s Monday


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#BGIM- Bless God It’s Monday: THE JOY IN YOUR WORK


#BGIM Bless God It’s Monday

Another Monday presents itself to us where we can work throughout the week so we see the manifestation of God’s blessings in our lives. For in all labour, there is profit.


Are you joyful about the work you do everyday or every week?
Is that work below your standard or is that work demeaning?
Is that work financially rewarding?
Would you like to change that work at the least opportunity?

If your answers are YES to most of these questions and the like, please let #BGIM offer some advice before you make that move.

You know, dear reader that sometimes, it is not all about how difficult, demanding or even demeaning your work is: rather it is all about your mindset about the work.

Do you know that other people would love to just do your work and even take less salary?
The Good Book, the Bible advises us to do all things as though doing it unto God. We should be glad in whatever work we find our hands doing for in that God’s blessings shall come.

David was a shepherd tending sheep in the wilderness whilst Joseph was a slave working in Potiphar’s house and even in prison. But one thing can be said about these men, THEY DIDN’T BEGRUDGE their work. They did it with all their heart and for your information, that’s what led to their BREAKTHROUGH in life to the TOP.

Ronald Reagan in 1962 visited America’s Space Agency, NASA on a tour and was surprised to see a JANITOR joyfully working for which he enquired why. The janitor’s response was ” Mr. President, I am working hard so that we can send a man to the moon ”

The man knew the importance of his work and its effects notwithstanding how people perceived it so HE PUT IN ALL HIS HEART AND DID IT WELL.
Hmmmm, how many of us could same?

A wonderful quote I came across sometime ago says, “If a man is called to sweep, he should sweep it so well like how Beethoven would play music, or how Maya Angelou would treat Poetry, or how Shakespeare would treat Literature and how Albert Einstein would treat Science”

Wow!!! Wow!!! Wow!!! A common sweeper working with such excitement and hardwork. May we work with such joy in our work this week and beyond.

#BGIM Bless God It’s Monday


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