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‪#‎BGIM‬ Christmas Edition Finale 4- DO YOU DELEGATE?

‪#‎BGIM‬ Christmas Edition Finale 4



After the Christmas Edition 1, 2& 3 taught us to PLAN better, add ACTIONS to our plans and the Need for LEADERSHIP in Everything. The Finale Edition 4, which happens to be the last #BGIM for 2015 asks “DO YOU DELEGATE?” or better still “DID you DELEGATE roles, responsibilities and tasks this year?”.

An Evaluation my Head for SHS Schools Co-ordinating, Asempa Abraham gave me in my final year in school was: However, good I might have been, one essential thing I lacked was DELEGATION. So I was glad when an Elder friend of mine from school, Elder Kpodo simplified what Delegation meant as


You remove your hands from that particular task, and release it into another Capable hand and most importantly you don’t remove your eyes from it but rather you keep yours eyes on it. What he meant was after relieving yourself of that Duty/Task, you have to monitor it. Keep yourself updated on it’s progress, whether you need to give Advice on how to do it better, bring your experience to the fore, give them a helping hand or in the worst case scenario, intervene to salvage the situation.

What most of us forget when we delegate responsibility or tasks is that, it is still in your name that the work is being done, so you don’t Need to lose sight of that task.
I believe when we learn to do this, we would feel more comfortable the next time we DELEGATE because you know that in the long run things won’t go Bad because your monitoring eyes is always around.

Someone would say, “Oh, but I have the time and opportunity to accomplish this Task, so why Delegate?” You need to Delegate at times so that it can ‘FREE‘ you up to do other assignments. Sometimes you need to rest, you need fresh energy for more demanding and challenging tasks ahead amongst other benefits of Delegation.

But above all the Benefits of DELEGATION, this is what I have come to understand to be the most priceless reason why you need to delegate. And that is …


You wouldn’t always be there. And I mean it to the very letter. However, you might try to convince yourself, you WOULDN’T always be there Steve Jobs of Apple Inc., makers of IPhone, IPad and the like died a few years ago, but ask yourself ‘HAS APPLE Inc. slumped since the death of it’s founder & CEO?’
NO!!! No sign of that.

This is because anytime you Delegate, you make room for the capacities of your subordinates or colleagues to be developed so that in the event you are not around on any occasion, the Job would still be DONE!!!

I think you better should same as me too.


#BGIM Bless God It’s Monday
Christmas Edition Finale 4

See you in 2016.

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#‎BGIM‬ Christmas Came Early Edition III



I repeat Leadership is Needed in Everything. I mean EVERYTHING. You might have the best Plans as seen in Edition 1, and implement them via your Actions in Edition 2, but I tell you those plans won’t produce the maximum Results and Efficiency if no one leads the way.

For it said that “it’s better for a lamb to LEAD a company of lions than for a group of lions to travel to a destination without a leader“. You might argue that “Oh, what are you saying, but the Lion, the King of the Jungle doesn’t need anyone to lead it, he does what he wants and goes where he wants”. Then i would also tell you that ‘Mehu bi da’ translated from the Fante language as “I have seen some before”.

During my National Service, my colleague Service Personnel in the Cell Lines Department and I, 6 of us in all, were recalled from a various sections for Refresher Training, after which we were placed under a very experienced Line Manager so that we could see the practical side of the Training for about a week or two. Sensing we were ALL on the same level of the Educational Ladder (First Degree Graduate) as well as none of us knowing anything much about the Aluminium Reduction process and most importantly to prevent others from lazing about under the notion that the leader would do the task even if no one does it alongside the notion that the leader would force his inexperienced knowledge on the Group, he declared that “There is no leader among you, you’re all leaders and the responsibility is on you all”.

All my colleagues can testify that the Declaration which we all received with open arms, caused us a lot. We had a very Torrid Time. 6 Engineering minds agreeing on one (1) thing when everyone has the VETO power is synonymous to the United Nations (UN) Security Council where everyone permanent member has VETO Power, so until everyone agrees we can’t go that way.

I call all my fellow Cell Lines/ PotRoom Service Personnel to bear me WITNESS on this issue: Kwarteng, Tackie, Saed, Dompey & Mahmud; that until we ACCEPTED that one of us should LEAD, we NEVER got anywhere apart from looking at the Legal and Engineering aspect of any suggestion a member brought forth.

Actually, we learnt a hard lesson there of which I ADMONISH us all this day that it’s TIME we all begin to value LEADERSHIP. I mean Leadership in everything, at home, at school, at the workplace, church, mosque, in the community, nation and the world at large.

For it is BETTER to have POOR Leadership than NO Leadership“.

Leadership is simply explained as ‘Someone in the forefront. He Leads people and Manages things’. He might NOT be the brightest, smartest, wisest, strongest, most experienced, richest, the most qualified, the most endowed, the best etc but if we all rally behind & support that individual or individuals, we can accomplish any task and get to the promised land. For you might be Gershon, son of Moses, but you weren’t chosen to be leader in your father’s stead so as to complete your Dad’s assignment, you still need to rally behind Joshua so that everyone can get to the Promised Land. Wouldn’t it be joyous for you to see your father’s desire before he died fulfilled when the Israelites get to the promised? The task has been done, that’s what we all seek and not who did the task.

Mother Teresa once said

You can do what I can’t do
I can do what you can’t do
BUT together WE can do GREAT things together

We can do great things if we all Rally Behind any leader set before us for the Bible says in Romans 13:1 “Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God”(New International Version).

An essential tip for all leaders.
Know that there are mainly 3 types of Leaders.

Leader A is ACHIEVEMENT of TASK Oriented

Leader B aims at BUILDING TEAMS

Leader D DEVELOPS & MOTIVATES Individuals.

And like a Three Set Venn Diagram with sets A, B & D standing for every kind of leader, the Intersection of all three sets, C is

A n B n D= C

Where C is GREAT LEADERSHIP which serves as a BLEND of each kind of leadership style.

With all said and done Edition 3 would sign off here for Edition 4 to Start Loading.


#BGIM Xmas Came Early

Remember LEADERSHIP is Needed in EVERYTHING.

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#‎BGIM‬ Christmas 🎄 Came Early Edition II- DON’T JUST PLAN, TAKE ACTIONS



After letting us know why we need to PLAN BETTER and how to do it in Edition I, I tell you that it is not enough just to plan.

You need to TAKE ACTION.

For it is said that ‘A DROP of action is worth MORE than an OCEAN of intentions/plans‘.

Small action>>>Best Plan without Action

So after all the better planning, you need to take the NECESSARY actions to bring all those wonderful plans into fruition otherwise your life, programmes, events and the like would be JUST AS when you didn’t plan better. Known as BACK to Square 1.

TIMELINES are very essential and must be MET because they help you monitor the progress of preparation or progress of work. So you know whether you have to make EXTRA effort when you realize you’re lagging behind in the OVERALL Timeline.

Also, make it a conscious effort to update everyone concerned about the PROGRESS being made because even when you’re ON COURSE, it motivates others to keep to the Schedule and put in it the Remaining Effort required to beat the Final Timeline/Deadline so that we can all walk CHEST-OUT for the good work done.

Don’t LEAVE anything out. I mean anything out not even a pin that might be required. If you are organizing a Prayer 🙏 Meeting say on a Friday Night, make sure after all top level planning and action concerning Speaker, Instruments, Publicity and the like, don’t forget to buy bags of sachet water for the members/congregation far before the meeting starts. I guess you know after praying for a while, the members would require water so as to CARRY ON.
So DON’T say “Oh, there’s a store close by to the church , so you WOULD buy some when you get there”. What if there’s been lights out aka DUMSOR there the whole day or the shop/store wasn’t opened that evening.

Yes, so you see 👀, you have take action on everything. And EVERYTHING means EVERYTHING, including ALL leaving NOTHING behind.

So as i said, it’s time we add ACTIONS to all our Plans.

Edition II Signing Out here for Edition III to start loading 🔃.

Plans+Actions=Tremendous SUCCESS

#BGIM X’mas 🎅 Came Early

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#‎BGIM‬ Christmas 🎄 Came EARLY Edition I- IT’S TIME to PLAN BETTER

#BGIM Christmas Came Early Edition I


#‎BGIM‬ Christmas 🎄 Came EARLY Edition I

Yesterday’s weekly #BGIM (Bless God It’s Monday) wasn’t released as always although one very good follower requested for it by 8am in the morning.
The Editorial Committee meanwhile had quite some SPECIAL plans for Christmas 🎄 albeit also wanting to prepare everyone for the Christmas 🎄 festivities with 4 Editions before 2015 ends since we were left with 2 Mondays excluding the Monday of the Christmas 🎄 week.

So, we are releasing 4 Critical Editions of #BGIM this week for every working day, (though it isn’t Monday) but with the idea 💡 to help us have a memorable and fruitful Christmas 🎄 season.

#BGIM Xmas 🎅 Edition I


It is said that “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail“. So because of that almost everybody plans in one way or the other for…

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#‎BGIM‬ Christmas 🎄 Came EARLY Edition I- IT’S TIME to PLAN BETTER

#‎BGIM‬ Christmas 🎄 Came EARLY Edition I

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Yesterday’s weekly #BGIM (Bless God It’s Monday) wasn’t released as always although one very good follower requested for it by 8am in the morning.
The Editorial Committee meanwhile had quite some SPECIAL plans for Christmas 🎄 albeit also wanting to prepare everyone for the Christmas 🎄 festivities with 4 Editions before 2015 ends since we were left with 2 Mondays excluding the Monday of the Christmas 🎄 week.

So, we are releasing 4 Critical Editions of #BGIM this week for every working day, (though it isn’t Monday) but with the idea 💡 to help us have a memorable and fruitful Christmas 🎄 season.

#BGIM Xmas 🎅 Edition I


It is said that “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail“. So because of that almost everybody plans in one way or the other for him not to fail, though the plans may not be concrete, written down 📝 or exhaustive. At least a short concise plan at worst in the person’s head is something to start 🏁 with.

So we agree everyone in their own small way PLANS in one way or the other but today I admonish us all to


What do I mean by Plan Better?
Let me give you a very key 🔑 reflection I have realised this year 2015.
Looking 👀 at the way certain crucial programmes/events I was involved in at the church , work 🏢 or family 👪 level DIDN’T turn up 👆 so well in 2014 all due to INADEQUATE Planning, I resolved that I along with anybody I worked with in this year would plan things BETTER this year and a Ghanaian would say “OYIWAA!!!” (Truly) and Archimedes, the Great Scientist would exclaim “EUREKA!!!“, the results have been TREMENDOUS.
Almost anyone who I worked with in both years during his reflection of 2015 would surely see that THAT has been the key 🔑 to our MASSIVE IMPROVEMENT over the past 365 days, all to the Glory of God’s Holy Name.

Better Planning TIPS include
~When you know you have a TASK to accomplish, have a very CLEAR plan down 👇 taking into consideration any UNFORESEEN happenings.

~As much as possible, WRITE it DOWN 📝 clearly so that your mind naturally has something it is consciously working towards, avoid forgetfulness of the full details and most importantly OTHERS can also look at it and run 🏃 along with you (Habakkuk 2:2).

~Make sure everyone on the team or anyone concerned is ADEQUATELY Informed of the plan and most importantly informed ON TIME.
NO DELAY in relaying the Info.

~Make sure every BACKGROUND info is adequately sought for 🔍.
As Mrs. Joyce Aryee, Ghana’s first woman Chair of the Chamber of Mines, would say if you INVITE a Speaker/Personality to grace an occasion for you, it is not when the person comes to sit down 👇 BEFORE you ask the person to write a SHORT Introduction about him/herself. You SHOULD have done this long before he/she came. Same as if you want to interview a noble personality for your paper, magazine or tv 📺 show, it is NOT on the day of the Interview that you begin asking him/her for directions to his house 🏠 or workplace.

Therefore if you go for a meeting and you KNOW you would Discuss something not everyone can talk about ON THE GO, send out the Agenda ahead of time and most importantly TASK one team member to ENLIGHTEN himself well enough on the issue before the meeting commences so that it would ensure for the EASY Facilitation of the meeting. E.g. Someone can check on the various bus 🚌 prices 💵 if a TRIP would be discussed in the meeting same as another person researching on the RECENTLY Occurring Ailments in your community or nation if a HEALTH Outreach would be discussed in the meeting.

So with these few but vital tips, I hope we can NOW PLAN BETTER cos the difference between your friend’s programme that went on Smoothly and yours was his BETTER Planning.

#BGIM Christmas 🎄 Came Early Edition I

Watch out for edition II tomorrow.


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This ‪#‎SEQUEL‬ to the last #BGIM would address the reason


The reason is easily explained in this quote by Kareem Abdul Jabbar which says…

A team will always APPRECIATE a Great individual if he’s WILLING to Sacrifice for the Group

As seen in the last #BGIM, no one can do without a team on the path to success, for we all realise that highly successful corporations thrive on the strength of the Principle of Teamwork. So by now, most of us want to benefit fully from this Great Time-tested Principle.

BUT some of us, still upon trying to work in a team, just found out that we JUST couldn’t fit in. And the reason is very SIMPLE. It’s because however intelligent, talented, smart, skillful or so, we are, we believe we are better than >>> everyone else, so everything should be done our way. And this shouldn’t be so.

Remember the last #BGIM Quote on Teamwork says “None of Us is SMARTER than All of Us”

I have realised that sometimes, you being seemingly better, you might have a wonderful idea, plan or project but that plan would never come to fruition because we tend to bogus every other person’s thought. And we are shocked when our seemingly best plan ever fails because we forget every Great Vision is carried and run 🏃 by the people who support the vision (aka your Team members). So after rubbishing everybody’s thought or suggestion, who do you expect to run 🏃 your vision for you.

The Ghanaian proverb says ‘He that charts the road doesn’t know that the road is Crooked‘. So until you’re willing to listen 👂 to and come down 👇and relate with your fellow team members, you would never ever see that great vision or dream come to fruition.

It’s time we put sside all our Egos and work together as a Team for ‘TOGETHER WE ACHIEVE MORE


Bless God It’s Monday


The CHARACTER of CHRIST is the FRUIT of the Spirit


But the FRUIT of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law. (Galatians 5:22-23, NIV)

As for the Fruit of the Spirit enlisted Above, I am sure most of us can Rattle it off head and better still explain what EACH of the Nine Divisions/Parts mean and how to DETECT it even as well. But the question I ask on this Sunday morning as most of us would be heading to church is,

Do We BEAR the FRUIT of the SPIRIT at all?

We FORGET that the early disciples bore certain PECULIAR Fruits for which they were TAGGED as CHRISTIANS, meaning Christ-LIKE. Because their lives in totality resembled that of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, hence they were NAMED Christians. So the next question I ask we, the Christians of Today, I mean ALL of us from Pastors along with all other Ministers to MEMBERS is

Are the lives we live and portray to the world worthy of we still being called Christians?

Or like the Judicial Staff implicated in the Anas Exposé in Ghana, are we supposed to be taken out of our OFFICE as a CHRISTIANS? Which implies, we shouldn’t be called a Christian again?

ANSWER for yourself.
And also ASK your fellow church MEMBER when you get to church today?

I hope this story would inspire you to hold on faithfully  to your Tag as a Christian or most importantly reclaim that Tag forever.

At the just ended Reinhard Bonnke Crusade 2015 at Ashaiman and Tema, Ghana, the following day after the Final Day of the Crusade, when Dismantling & Cleaning works began, more hands were needed to accomplish the task. Fortunately or unfortunately for one gentleman who came to work wholeheartedly, for which everyone on site could attest to, his name wasn’t written down  on the Official List of workers for that day, meaning if anything was supposed to be given to those working on Site that day, he would be excluded. Thanks be to God, one other gentleman who due to his work during the Crusade had an Official Tag (for before, during and after the Crusade) realising the Situation decided that he would hand over his TAG to him, so that he would go home for that day and respond to other assignments whilst the former takes over his TAG so that he can receive anything due him for the good work done since by that time he had worked over 3 hours already. Remember the Good Book  says in 1 Timothy 5:18 that “the Worker is DUE his Wages”.

As soon as he did that and informed the fellow workers of that decision in order not to bring about misunderstanding in his absence,…

Surprisingly, all the workers started telling him that INDEED, you are a TRUE ‘OSOFO’ (Pastor).

He hadn’t told them he was an ‘OSOFO’ but now everybody was attesting to his authenticity as a True Man of God. (Actually, he is a DEACON in his church which is 4 Ranks Away from the PASTOR in his church, if I am allowed to put it that way).

I know somebody would say, “Oh, he wanted to go home already” but I would also tell you that most people would have still gone home with their Tags and still demanded their ‘DUE’.

Ask yourself, HAVE I DONE SOMETHING for someone to expose my Christian Tag without me telling them First?
If YES, then I think we need to keep on showing that kind of attitude or behaviour?

If NO, then we need to put aside that attitude/ behaviour/ character and the like just as Hebrews 12:1-2 admosinshes us.

Remember, the CHARACTER of Christ is the FRUIT  of the Spirit.


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