Month: March 2017

#BGIM Edition- INVEST & REINVEST in Your Business


#BGIW Bless God It’s Wednesday
#BGIM Late Edition

Though this week’s #BGIM has delayed to today, we would continue with our weekly series.


Most at times, when we talk about Investing into Businesses, most employees think they are exempted so they turn their attention to their employers for investment. But today, we want to turn the notion of investment upside down.

The Bible says in Jeremiah 29:7 that
_”But seek the welfare of the city where I have sent you into exile, and pray to the LORD on its behalf, for in its welfare you will find your welfare.”_

Though the Israelites were in exile, God wanted them to invest PRAYER into that land because in the peace, welfare and prosperity of that land shall they also have their prosperity.

It’s true that it is your employer who has to provide almost everything to carry the business because the work belongs to him. But that doesn’t mean that as an employee or a worker, you also don’t put something from your own coffers or strength into the business. Should the business thrive, you would also thrive including remuneration and better working conditions. Should it shrink or collapse, you know the consequence as well.

Hence, all workers have to from their own strength or coffers add up something to whatever their employer or company is giving with the intent that the company would thrive. Though, it is true that human beings are ungrateful, I urge us all today to do everything to make our companies succeed because in its prosperity shall we have our prosperity.

AS AN EMPLOYEE, can you pinpoint anything you have invested in your company WITHOUT PAY???

And now to the employers who don’t seem to know the need to REINVEST. It is true you have invested a lot into the company and it is now chalking great success due to your efforts and sweat, but that doesn’t mean you should be enjoying the returns of your labour without reinvesting. You can’t just be buying cars, houses and personal properties etc because now the finances of your company is good.

Rather, this is the opportune time to REINVEST like a farmer who always keeps another set of maize seeds for replanting after every harvest. This is the time to employ a few more workers, time to improve the brand of your company, time to motivate your workers more, time to hire consultants or experts who would advise you on the new trends, time to invest in the training and upgrading of the skills of your work force amongst many others. If you don’t reinvest, hmmmmm. You would fizzle out of business in the next 5-10 years. And that’s why most companies can’t cross the 20-year anniversary barrier.

#BGIM Late Edition

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After our prayers and conscious worship of God over the weekend, I am sure we are all expecting God to open great doors in our lives this week and beyond.

But I ask one question, which serves as the Theme for this week’s #BGIM.


Yes!!! I am sure everybody would reply but the truth is not everybody can be recommended. If there is an opportunity around, would people recommend you all things being equal?

Can you be recommended to an investor as one who can diligently manage the affairs of his new company faithfully without any complaints of dishonesty?

Can you be recommended as a good worker for promotion to the vacant position in your company?

Can you be recommended as a good hardworking and respectful househelp / baby sitter to the high paying rich family?

Can you be recommended as a good taxi driver to be picking up school children to and from their schools?

Can you, and I mean, would you be recommended when there’s a vacancy?

Bishop Dag Heward-Mills once preached about the power of recommendation in 2010 and I have kept that with me and I can surely attest that Recommendation is very powerful.

Do you know the funny thing about recommendation?
People’s judgement on who to recommend is made when the person in question is not even aware. Also the judgement is made continuously over a period of time where time serves as the best litmus test. So by the time, the opportunity or chance who open up, that person would be recommended without any doubt.

So you see why you were not recommended the last time for that vacant position? Ahaaaaa…
You see it is not because that person was the employer’s favourite or he greased people’s palms: it is simply because YOU ONLY STARTED acting serious to work and other things when the vacant opportunity came up.

Now, you went to work early. You did overtime for free willingly. You did extra work. You sacrificed things on your own. You kept to deadlines. You contributed much to projects etc.

But the truth is the devil is always a liar. And hence you can’t deceive people by your recent attitude so that you are recommended.

If taxi drivers knew that when passengers sit in their cars, they are looking for drivers for their children, like they would all drive well?

Had I known is always at last.

#BGIM Bless God It’s Monday

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_Can you be recommended?_

#BGI60 Part 3- Let’s Forgive Each Other


#BGI60- Bless God It’s 60 (Part 3)

#BGIM Special Edition

We are grateful unto the Almighty God for helping us cross the 60 year mark peacefully. Whatever the case is, as Ghanaians, all we can do is thank God, learn from the past and look forward to a brighter future.


To err, it’s said, to be human but to forgive is divine. As also said in our traditional sayings, it is only those who are close to us that step on our foot.

When someone steps on your foot, the truth is, it is very painful especially if it the person was wearing a shoe. The person might have intentionally done so either by means of playing with you or done so mischievously. Sometimes too, it wasn’t intentional.

Whether intentional or unintentional, the truth is we can’t hold unto that mistake forever and begrudge that person as long as we live. It is important we forgive each other, so that we can surge forward as a nation. Remember, to forgive is ….

I know you can recount the number of times you might have been unfairly treated by your friends, relatives, colleagues at work, fellow members in an organization, neighbours, and even fellow citizens, but if we want to move forward as a nation to GREATER HEIGHTS IN THE FUTURE, we have to forgive.

I say it again, we have to FORGIVE.

Do we remember the works of the National Reconciliation Commission in the early 2000s? Their work was not to justify the atrocities committed by the military governments but that we forgive each other and compensate each other so that we move forward in this democratic era.

Let’s learn to say sorry when we step on our friend’s foot and let’s learn to forgive when our friends step on our foot. After that, we can embrace each other and walk together to the destination ahead.
#BGI60- Bless God It’s 60 (Part 3)
#BGIM Special Edition

Part 1 & 2 of this Special series can be read at

60 Years On. Let’s FORGIVE Each Other.

#BGI60- The BLAME GAME is Enough


#BGI60- Bless God It’s 60 (Part 2)
#BGIM Special Edition

We are grateful unto God as a nation for how far he has brought us although we could have gone farther than this.

#BGI60- The BLAME GAME is Enough

It’s true we have not reached where we might envisaged ourselves to be by now. And that our Founding Fathers would not be happy to see the state of the nation 60 years after they put everything on the line to fight for our INDEPENDENCE but …

We can’t continue blaming ourselves, one against the other over the errors and mistakes we might have made down the 60 year journey. We can’t be crying over spilt milk all the time.

The funniest thing to me is BLAME GAME never solves the problem. If you’ve ever watched a football match involving children, you would understand what I am talking about.

Should a goal be conceded, everyone in the team would blame the most culpable player especially the goalkeeper or the defender involved. Sometimes the team continues to blame the child such that that weight of guilt is carried all over his head as he plays and such is antagonised by not even given a pass for the rest of the match.

If the team does not have the good guidance of an adult to steer the team’s attention from the blame-game to the MAIN GAME, the team would lose the match with the possibility of conceding more goals, for which a Nigerian man would say _’na who cause am’?_

Blaming never solves the problem: it only pleases our human nature to ascertain who was at fault whilst WASTING PRECIOUS TIME that could have been used to address the problem and find an amicable solution to it.

Time and tide, they say, waits for no man. So if as a country, we really want to move with our contemporaries based on AGE like the Malaysias, Singapores and co., it’s about time we limit, reduce & STOP this Blame Game/ Fault Finding Attitude and find solutions to the ever growing and complicating issues facing us as a country: some of which have been here for decades unsolved & unaddressed.

#BGI60- Bless God It’s 60 (Part 2)
#BGIM Special Edition

Part 1 of this special series can indeed be found at

60 Years On. Let’s END the Blame Game.

#BGI60 DON’T SPEAK ILL of Others


#BGI60 Bless God It’s 60

#BGIM Special Edition

We bless God that Ghana, our beloved country is now 60 years old. After celebrating our Independence Day yesterday, we return to work today with this #BGIM Special Edition which should help Ghana take great strides in the years ahead of us.


Over the past 10 days, two of my church leaders whom I work under have reiterated the need to desist from speaking ill of others though the issue might be true.

Everyone has flaws. And the same time, everyone has strengths. But sadly, it looks like over the past 60 years in Ghana, we seem to magnify the FLAWS & WEAKNESSES of others rather than their Successes & Strengths. And I believe it’s time we change the trend.

The flaws of the other are real and it is even true the person committed that error or mistake BUT we shouldn’t tag that person with that mistake forever. Worse enough, we use that error or mistake to soil and dent the person’s hard-earned reputation. I know you have numerous examples of such incidents from school, church, workplace and in the nation at large

That is not to say, we shouldn’t speak up when people are doing wrong or are depriving the whole nation of important benefits. But that we shouldn’t use the phenomenon that bad news sells to spread false information or the negative aspect of their lives. The disheartening aspect of such phenomena is by the time the person would be vindicated, we might have ‘spoilt’ his name without repair and most people would not even hear that what was initially said was not the WHOLE TRUTH.

If your boss asks you to speak about how you see your other colleagues, please don’t paint all of them black so that only you can be promoted.

If someone does a work and it is not satisfactory, please appreciate his efforts first before turning to outline his errors NOT FORGETTING to give him or her suggestions on how to do it better.

If you hear something bad about someone, be cautious in spreading it (double-check before) because remember that person also has a family cos I know if he or she was your family member, you would exercise restraint in spreading that news.

It’s time we move forward as a nation. It’s time we look at the good sides of people to encourage others who for the fear of their names and images being soiled have kept away from working so that they can all come on-board.

We need each other.
So for once, let’s STOP Speaking ill of Others.
We need that person and we need you too.

#BGI60 Bless God It’s 60
#BGIM Special

60 Years On. Let’s speak WELL of one another.