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#BGIM- Bless God It’s Monday: VERSATILITY is Crucial

Another Monday is here again for us to work hard to receive the blessings of God through the work of our HANDS.

It’s true you work diligently and you are very punctual to work. It’s also true that you are respectful and work well as a team player as well as you being able to work under pressure. Thumbs up for all these good work ethics. 
But today I admonish you to pick up a new work ethic called VERSATILITY. Versatility deals with your ability to fit into any place you are put irrespective of your speciality. Meaning you should be able to swim in water like a fish, fly in the air like a bird whilst keeping your speed as a cheetah on the land.
Jack of all trades is said to be master of none. But Jack can fit into any trade should one trade fail or that trade lose its relevance in society. Aside that such versatile people have a comparative advantage of those who have knowledge/ skills in only one field, because any employer would prefer to have a person who can do the job of two people than to employ two different people for those two tasks.
A neighbour friend of mine recently was trying to help her friend get a job as a personal driver but the employer wanted someone who could also serve as a gardener. Meaning after driving the man and his family up and down town, he could also keep their house aesthetically neat by his gardening skills.
Aside the ease of gaining employment, such a person would most likely be maintained during any crisis period of a company that requires LAYING-OFF of workers. In such times, companies would look forward for ways to unwillingly dispose of all others workers except the INDISPENSABLE FEW which in this case would comprise of many versatile workers at various levels of the company structure.
SO BE VERSATILE no matter what. You may be asking how can I be versatile. It starts from somewhere.
1. Begin to show interest in the work of others or work from other fields.
2. When there is a chance to work with others from other departments or the chance to work in those departments, don’t oblige. Take it as an adventure to learn something new.
3. Have friends in other departments who you don’t only chat with but talk consciously about work in their departments.
4. Take a conscious visit to other departments during break time to see what is also happening there.
5. Partake and contribute keenly to interdepartmental meetings with the more conscious attempt to learn from others there.
With these few keys, VERSATILITY would soon become your personal trait. God bless you in this quest.

Bless God It’s Monday

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