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We bless God for another Monday through which the works of our hands would be blessed. Learning & Training Special, #LTS continues after our first 3 editions dealt with the need and attitude for training on the side of trainers and trainees.


Trainees have weaknesses. Yeah, they do. But why this topic?! By now, I hope every trainer is willing to Train young ones around and Trainees have been conscientised to accept training by way of necessity and attitude. Refer to Editions 1-3 for more understanding.

Trainees have weaknesses. So trainers need to be patient in handling them. No trainee would get everything right from start to finish during training. Some people are naturally good starters while others are slow starters. A trainee at one point or the other might commit a mistake. So trainers need to bear with their frailties.

The attitude of certain trainers to training makes it a challenge to themselves and their trainers. I have seen certain people who should have trained a lot of people by now but surprisingly have trained just a few all because they see trainees as _slippery_ (having the tendency to spoil things), not hardworking enough, not concerned about the work, not passionate enough and so on and so forth. But the truth is every trainer at one point spoilt something as trainee. And trainees have just started climbing the ladder, so mistakes would certainly occur. This situation is akin to an English Teacher expecting a Basic Two/Three pupil to speak impeccable English when it comes to use of TENSES OF VERBS.

IT IS NOT POSSIBLE Mistakes would surely happen. So trainers of our day should be more accommodating of the mistakes of trainees and in that same time, use the moment to correct them without making it looking like they (trainees) are dumb.

A quote I once saw reads: “Don’t look down on people because they don’t act as good as you cos you, yourself never always acted like this until you knew what you know now” Please read it again.

Once upon a time, my spelling (dictation) was not excellent, so I need to understand the weakness of anyone I try teaching how to spell.

NB: This doesn’t mean Trainees should stay in their weakness forever whilst making no attempt to improve.

#BGIM Bless God It’s Monday
#LTS-4 Learning & Training Special Edition 4


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#BGIM Learning and Training Special Edition 2


We continue the Learning & Training Special, #LTS in this week’s #BGIM. After Trainers were urged to train people willingly in order to help them climb higher the ladder of success by the RELEASE PRINCIPLE, we turn our attention to the Trainees.


The huge challenge to Trainers actually is the ATTITUDE of trainees. Most trainers complain that the people that they come across to train of late are NOT TRAINABLE. Why?!

Most young people think they know much or better than their Trainers. Some sadly compare their trainers with other trainers and when their trainers seem to ‘fall short’ of the standard of others, their receptacle of the training reduces.

Like the young boy Samuel in the Bible, he didn’t let the frailties and shortcomings of the priest, Eli affect how he treated or received anything from the priest. It is true God wanted to call Samuel as a prophet he had to pass through the training of Eli, the High Priest. Eli guided Samuel as to how to hear the voice of God after several failed attempts by Samuel in recognising that it was God who was calling him and not Eli, the priest. (Refer to 1 Samuel 3 in the Bible)

After Samuel was able to recognise the voice of God, hear it and most importantly receive a prophecy which literally would have painted a ‘bad picture’ of his trainer, he didn’t snub his trainer. He still continued his normal duties and still revered his trainer. Most trainees of late would certainly have moved out of the training school because now God has bypassed their trainer to start speaking to them the trainee.

Imagine, a young boy being ‘called’ three times by his master at night and still his Master said he didn’t call him. How?!!! My master is just worrying my sleep, he is just exploiting me because I am under him. Same happened to Samuel unknowingly till he recognised the LORD’S voice. Samuel was trainable.

Are you trainable? Do you allow yourself to be trained? No training in this world is ever smooth. There are times you would not even understand why you are undergoing that part of the training session but I tell it is important you go through that training. STILL allow yourself to be trained.

I remember when we were young playing for a local youth football ⚽ club in Kasoa, one thing most of us didn’t like or understand was WARM-UP (where you go round the field for a number of times followed by aerobics and fitness exercises in the centre of the park). We were always dragging our feet 👣 during Warm-Up. Why do we have to do all of this when the football is there to be played? We came to play football ⚽ and not to be doing warm-up.

Some of us never understood it till later on in life. Truth is, if you didn’t allow yourself to be trained in that way, you wouldn’t end up as a successful professional despite all your football talent and skill. Imagine an UNFIT Lionel Messi in football ⚽. He wouldn’t have won any of his 5 Ballon d’Ors.

As a trainee, would you be like the two sons of Eli who were UNTRAINABLE or like Samuel who allowed himself to be trained?

#BGIM Bless God It’s Monday
#LTS-2 Learning & Training Special Edition 2

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#BGIM Learning and Training Special Edition 1

#BGIM Bless God It’s Monday


Over the next ten editions of #BGIM, a special Learning & Training series dubbed #LTS, is going to be undertaken. The rationale is that having been encouraged to work hard and give our best always, HOW CAN WE DO SO? Hence, the need for Training to equip us in the relevant skills in our field of work.


Before any training can take place, there needs to be a TRAINER who is willing to impart and train the Trainee in that field of work. Work as used in all of our #BGIM series refers not only to your regular paying work but to all tasks, assignments, duties, that require you put in a certain amount of EFFORT for accomplishment, whether in the workplace, in the community, at school, at home, in church ⛪, mosque, a social gathering or in the nation.

Training is very important. And anyone with the knowledge and skills SHOULD BE READY to impart it to others to HIS OWN BENEFIT. Yes, I said you train for your own benefit. You don’t train just to the profit of the trainee but yourself. You may ask, HOW?

In life, we are to move forward in whatever we do. We progress from home to neighbourhood to town to city to region/ state, nation then to the whole world. If you don’t train anyone, when the time comes for you to move forward you would be SADDLED. You can’t move a step ahead because nobody can replace you behind. You want to go but you can’t go because your initial job behind cannot be performed by any other person.

The simplest example is this a big brother would decides not to teach anyone of his siblings how to use any of the Electrical Appliances at home 🏠. E.g. Home Theatre, Computer, Printer, Microwave and Toaster. Such a brother can never go out for a trip for say one week because Daddy and Mummy won’t have anybody to operate the appliances. He might have even an Impending Big Assignment outside town but he can’t commit to it because he hasn’t ‘covered his back’.

So it happens to all who have the knowledge and skills but consciously REFUSE to IMPART it because they want to be the only people to be called upon always. It is a notion that if you HOARD skills and knowledge, you cannot be disposed off. But ask yourself, do you want to stay at your current level for the REST OF YOUR LIFE?

If NO, then you need to make a CONSCIOUS effort to train others so that it can release you to move forward. You might not necessarily train them with all you know but with the requisite skills and knowledge to act in your stead anytime you aren’t around. And that’s the mark of a successful professional.

So #LTS asks “Who are you TRAINING?


TRAINING Releases You.