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#BGI60 Part 3- Let’s Forgive Each Other


#BGI60- Bless God It’s 60 (Part 3)

#BGIM Special Edition

We are grateful unto the Almighty God for helping us cross the 60 year mark peacefully. Whatever the case is, as Ghanaians, all we can do is thank God, learn from the past and look forward to a brighter future.


To err, it’s said, to be human but to forgive is divine. As also said in our traditional sayings, it is only those who are close to us that step on our foot.

When someone steps on your foot, the truth is, it is very painful especially if it the person was wearing a shoe. The person might have intentionally done so either by means of playing with you or done so mischievously. Sometimes too, it wasn’t intentional.

Whether intentional or unintentional, the truth is we can’t hold unto that mistake forever and begrudge that person as long as we live. It is important we forgive each other, so that we can surge forward as a nation. Remember, to forgive is ….

I know you can recount the number of times you might have been unfairly treated by your friends, relatives, colleagues at work, fellow members in an organization, neighbours, and even fellow citizens, but if we want to move forward as a nation to GREATER HEIGHTS IN THE FUTURE, we have to forgive.

I say it again, we have to FORGIVE.

Do we remember the works of the National Reconciliation Commission in the early 2000s? Their work was not to justify the atrocities committed by the military governments but that we forgive each other and compensate each other so that we move forward in this democratic era.

Let’s learn to say sorry when we step on our friend’s foot and let’s learn to forgive when our friends step on our foot. After that, we can embrace each other and walk together to the destination ahead.
#BGI60- Bless God It’s 60 (Part 3)
#BGIM Special Edition

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60 Years On. Let’s FORGIVE Each Other.



Just got this. Amazing show of how positive an effective early insistence on and teaching of good neighbourliness can have!! Caring does lead to sharing!!! My eyes misted over!!

“UBUNTU – A very nice story from Africa … The motivation behind the Ubuntu culture in Africa. An Anthropologist proposed a game to the African tribal children.
He placed a basket of sweets near a tree, and made the children stand 100 metres away. Then announced that whoever reaches first would get all the sweets in the basket.

When he said ‘ready steady go!’ Do you know what these children did? They all held each other’s hands, ran together towards the tree, divided the sweets equally among themselves, ate the sweets and enjoyed it.

When the Anthropologist asked them why they did so,
They answered ‘UBUNTU’.
Which meant –
‘How can one be happy when the others are sad?’
Ubuntu in their language means –
‘I am because we are!’

A strong message for all family members. Let all of us always have this attitude and spread happiness wherever we go. Let’s have an Ubuntu Life.


Good Day 4 God Dey.