#BGI60- The BLAME GAME is Enough


#BGI60- Bless God It’s 60 (Part 2)
#BGIM Special Edition

We are grateful unto God as a nation for how far he has brought us although we could have gone farther than this.

#BGI60- The BLAME GAME is Enough

It’s true we have not reached where we might envisaged ourselves to be by now. And that our Founding Fathers would not be happy to see the state of the nation 60 years after they put everything on the line to fight for our INDEPENDENCE but …

We can’t continue blaming ourselves, one against the other over the errors and mistakes we might have made down the 60 year journey. We can’t be crying over spilt milk all the time.

The funniest thing to me is BLAME GAME never solves the problem. If you’ve ever watched a football match involving children, you would understand what I am talking about.

Should a goal be conceded, everyone in the team would blame the most culpable player especially the goalkeeper or the defender involved. Sometimes the team continues to blame the child such that that weight of guilt is carried all over his head as he plays and such is antagonised by not even given a pass for the rest of the match.

If the team does not have the good guidance of an adult to steer the team’s attention from the blame-game to the MAIN GAME, the team would lose the match with the possibility of conceding more goals, for which a Nigerian man would say _’na who cause am’?_

Blaming never solves the problem: it only pleases our human nature to ascertain who was at fault whilst WASTING PRECIOUS TIME that could have been used to address the problem and find an amicable solution to it.

Time and tide, they say, waits for no man. So if as a country, we really want to move with our contemporaries based on AGE like the Malaysias, Singapores and co., it’s about time we limit, reduce & STOP this Blame Game/ Fault Finding Attitude and find solutions to the ever growing and complicating issues facing us as a country: some of which have been here for decades unsolved & unaddressed.

#BGI60- Bless God It’s 60 (Part 2)
#BGIM Special Edition

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60 Years On. Let’s END the Blame Game.