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#BGIM- Bless God It’s Monday

We bless God for another Monday where He is ready to pour out His blessings upon us as we work diligently with our hands. (Deuteronomy 28:12)

#BGIM- Always Have A Lot in Stock

It’s said that you don’t know when your breakthrough moment would come unless it comes itself. And when that moment comes, my brother would you prepared? My sister, would be ready to grab the opportunity by the neck with both hands?

The Bible says in the Book of Proverbs that _”if you faint in the day of adversity, your strength is weak “_. At the most crucial time, when you need to have a lot of strength in stock, when you don’t have a lot in stock, you will lose and miss things on this journey of success and greatness.

Last week at school, two incidents happened which buttressed the need to have a lot in stock.

In the Examination and Printing Committee, we usually buy our materials in bulk a week or two to exams. This year after planning to buy a new printer, we bought extra toners for our old and new printer to be bought. Sadly, for us when our printer came, our toner could not match the new model of HP Printer. We started scratching our heads because we knew the manufactured toner in the printer would not be able to last us for the VOLUMINOUS printing and photocopying tasks. But guess what, the extra toners we had for our old printer saved us the disgrace and stress.

Sadly, in our second incident, we got short on official paper on the last day of exams ie. the very final paper. Eish!!! We are dead oo…I still couldn’t understand how come the Official Papers were not enough for the whole school for the first time ever.

Come and see us telling students to answer some of their answers on the question paper; cutting half sheets of used written exams scripts; looking under tables for any official paper that might have been left there a long time ago; looking into last terms remaining materials and so on and so forth till every child got at least a half sheet .i.e. 1-page official paper to write on.

You would say this is not a thing to sweat over. You people should have gone to buy a new roll of paper. Do you know how far it would have taken us to get some? And even if we got some quickly, I always say that on a small scale, the effects of lapses are not as devastating as on a large scale.

If you want to chalk great strides and great successes in life, then please ALWAYS HAVE A LOT IN STOCK

#BGIM Bless God It’s Monday



Have a Blessed Working Week.
And Always Have A Lot in Stock.




#BGIM- Bless God It’s Monday

We bless God for another Monday. We know we shall see His blessings on our work this week too. After last week’s #BGIM on INTRA-PRENEURS (http://wp.me/p6VOfY-9D), this week we move to ENTRE-PRENEURS.

#BGIM- An Entrepreneur Who Takes Decisions No Matter What.

The work of an entrepreneur is not an easy work. That’s why most people would love to own their own businesses but never are able to take the required steps to establish one.

Among the many things entrepreneurs do, they must make and take decisions each and every day which can have dire consequences or befitting returns on their businesses. Looking at the results of their decisions which may end up good or bad, entrepreneurs have to be strategic and analytical when making decisions which should always end at TAKING THOSE DECISIONS NO MATTER WHAT!!!

Not to take a decision is a decision in itself.

Not to take a risk is a greater and even higher risk.

Risks might end up good or bad. Decisions might end up good or bad. But the fact is we have to take decisions no matter what.

If the decisions end up good, we benefit from it. If it ends up bad, we learn from it so that the next time we can make better decisions.

Some decisions might include
~cutting off ties with certain business partners or friends or even contracts no matter the money they bring in
~removing bad nuts from your company no matter how good those employees are
~trying a new untested method which none of your competitors are willing to try out
~hiring young talent at a time where accomplished individuals are what it takes to make it in a highly competitive market
~the decision to cut-back on salaries and other renumeration packages to save your company from collapsing even though others esp. some high performers would leave when salaries go down.

These are all big but unpredictable decisions that entrepreneurs must make. And they should be bold to take these decisions by the horn when they come to a conclusion.

This week’s #BGIM signs off with a quote by Jesus on the need to take decisions no matter what.

Matthew 5:30
And if your right hand causes you to sin, cut it off and throw it away. For it is better that you lose one of your members than that your whole body go into hell.” (Also mentioned in Matthew 18:8-9)

#BGIM- Bless God It’s Monday



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Are You Willing To Take Those Decisions NO MATTER WHAT?



#BGIM- Bless God It’s Monday

After the weekend where we made _God No. 1 in Our Lives_, we start a new working week expecting that God who is faithful to His word would bless the work of our hands. (Deuteronomy 28:12 )


Yeah, Intraprenuer. I spelt in right. It is not a spelling mistake. The word is akin to its root parent word, ENTREPRENEUR.

Entrepreneurs are those who own their own companies or projects and employ the services and skills of a few or many employees to get their companies or projects running. Hence, we have big entrepreneurs and small-scale entrepreneurs, but an entrepreneur is an entrepreneur. They are those who are actually changing the face of goods and services offered to customers or consumers whilst earning the bragging rights as the owners of such companies.

Today, our attention is not on Entrepreneurs but on a usually overlooked set of people whose input to any company or project is as vital as the entrepreneur who makes the big decisions, takes the risks and carries the vision of the company.

INTRA-preneur unlike Entre-preneur refers to the influential people WITHIN the workforce of the Entrepreneur. The entrepreneur is mostly on the periphery of the workforce meaning he or she is mostly outside the main workforce but works along with the active workers on the ground to get his set goals and targets achieved.

So what actually makes up an INTRA-preneur? They are those employees who work within the workforce as though they were the Entrepreneur himself working. They give their all. They take prudent decisions and find a way to lead the whole team by motivation to get any work done. They even invest much into the company to the complaints of their fellow workers who remind them that, the company is not theirs. But these people don’t relent in their efforts to push the company forward by the actions and even inactions. They want the company to succeed as though they had shares in the company although they can have better opportunities elsewhere.

Have you seen such a person at your workplace before?
Can you spot any such person on your project team?

These people are around us. Just open your eyes and you would spot them. The truth about these guys is

The INTRAPRENEURS of today would be the ENTREPRENEURS of tomorrow.

After their efforts in such fields, when a door of opportunity opens such people can also upgrade to the next level, own their own companies and now be properly classified as Entrepreneurs.

Would you say such a person is an INTRAPRENEUR?
During the Easter Convention of my church during this past Easter, a comment was made concerning a certain gentleman. At such a huge programme, canopies needed to be fixed, lights needs to be functioning, quality sound is required, security for cars and people needs to be provided, law and order needs to be maintained etc. And a lot of young men and women are implored to help the church in this regard.

After a few days into the convention, one member approached one of the Pastors and inquired about this said gentleman to know whether he was the OVERALL HEAD of the Convention Organising Committee. Suffice to say that, he had seen this man at almost every place in the convention doing one thing or the other and leading the various young men on the ground to perform different tasks to his amazement. And the fact is the person in question was just a committee member who headed one subcommittee.

Can we classify such a person as an INTRAPRENEUR?

#BGIM- Bless God It’s Monday



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#BGIM on a Tuesday
Adaptability is very crucial in the success and survival of any business, person or entity. Things won’t always be the same, so when situations change there is the need to ADJUST our plans and methods in order to fit with the new trends or circumstances.
A typical example can be seen in the Children’s Ministry of a church. It doesn’t matter how resourced or knowledgeable of the Bible their teacher is, if he or she does not adapt to the needs of the children (which anybody with experience working with children would tell you is Peculiar and different from that of adults), he can’t succeed in the Children’s Ministry not because the teacher isn’t good but he or she couldn’t ADAPT to the demands of this new ministry.
So also, there is the need for every person or business establishment to ADJUST & ADAPT their plans and methods to suit the current conditions for their success and survival. A chameleon always changes its colour not just because of success but for its SURVIVAL telling us that if we refuse to adapt as workers or businesses, we would soon be extinct.
A sad story is told of the World’s Largest Phone Manufacturer, Nokia which didn’t adjust to the new trends hence they were taken over by the Microsoft Company. So sad that during the Takeover Ceremony, the Nokia CEO and Staff were weeping because in their words, they did nothing wrong to lose the company.

(Further read from here: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/nokia-ceo-ended-his-speech-saying-we-didnt-do-anything-rahul-gupta )
As the Ghanaian saying goes, ‘mbere dane a , dane bi’ meaning when time changes, you have to also change, ADAPT & ADJUST.
#BGIM on a Tuesday

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#BGIM breaks from the Leadership & Training Special #LTS to provide today’s #BGIM. (Editor’s Note: LTS would surely be completed to the very last edition).


Preparation is key in everything we want to succeed in doing. You can testify that anytime you prepared well for that task or assignment ahead, you excelled with little or no difficulties. This is because even as you prepared you tried to forecast unforeseen difficulties and find ways of mitigating their effects should they crop up.

I talk of this story with pride because I always like to salute people who excel in any work they do whether it be sweeping or scrubbing or any work you can think of. At the Aluminium Smelter where I did my National Service, one of the Metal Tappers (Final Product Extracting Person), Dogbey was being talked about by almost every member in my Department at Cell Lines. I wondered why everyone was singing praises of his name for being the ‘BEST TAPPER’. So I looked forward to meeting him one day either when he came for Personnel Backup during Crisis moment or when my Shift was changed to his permanent Shift.

I was glad when i learnt i was going to meet him finally after about 2/3 months. And to my surprise, it was a young man as compared to all the Much Experienced Metal Tappers i had already met in the Department. Irrespective of his age, i decided to observe and see what was his Secret that even sometimes our Department Director mentioned his name during our Training Sessions and most importantly requested for him among the lot during Crisis moment. After my observations and a few tête-a-tête with the gentleman with not up to 10 years experience, i realised a simple trick…


He never joked with his preparation. Immediately after the Safety Meeting commencing every shift, Dogbey would quickly move to his working area and start to prepare his tools down. That’s after he had finished copying his Metal Tapping Schedule accurately before the Safety meeting ended. He would clean them removing any little impediments and also move to the Siphon Area to check and make sure his siphon (Aluminium Extracting Equipment) was in good shape. He would then start Housekeeping (clean) his working area in the event it wasn’t done well by the men in the Previous Shift. Whilst doing all of this, his co-Tapper would be preparing the mouth of the Cell ( ‘machine’ from which Aluminium is extracted after Electrolysis is complete). All these acts along with other ones anytime necessary, believe you mean, he does in the first 15-20 minutes of every working day.

After thinking critically into Dogbey’s first activities at work, i realised that his Preparation was Top-Notch amongst all other Tappers and you would be surprised that whoever might have started Tapping Metal before Dogbey that day would still TRAIL him by close of the working day. He was used to finishing his Tapping Schedule an hour to time almost every single day.

Because he spent time to PREPARE adequately for the whole day, it gave him the edge over other colleagues who didn’t pay much attention to preparation but rather tackling the problems as and when they arose during the day.

Have you prepared well for Work today? Have you prepared for the whole week? What challenges might crop up and how are you going to deal with them?

PREPARATION is KEY to success in every field of work.
Work hard but PREPARE BETTER.

#BGIM Bless God It’s Monday




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