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#BGIF- FAMILY is Important


#BGIF Bless God It’s Friday
A #BGIM Weekend Edition

This week’s #BGIM is specifically targeted for the weekend, that’s why it is also released on a Friday just like last week’s edition.

#BGIF- FAMILY Is Important

Yes. Family is important. You might be wondering what has Family got to do with work and for that matter #BGIM.

Families are so very important in the work life of any person such that should a person neglect his Family life, he is not ASSURED of Constant Progress and Success at his workplace.

Everyone comes from home to work. And the atmosphere from home has the ability to affect one’s productivity the whole day. Any worker who has family issues at home, for that period is not efficient. And low efficiency leads to low profit and low income levels.

So, what do we do then?
From henceforth, let’s pay critical attention to our families.

We can’t always spend all our day in the office and not spend time with our children and spouses. They need sometimes just our presence to keep them company and satisfy their emotional needs. It is not all about raking in the huge sums of money at work and sending them big stipends and gifts. It’s important we are there for them.

If they don’t have us around repeatedly, one day when a condition of deviant behaviour of our wards or psychological issues of spouses pop up, we might never have peace of mind for the rest of our working lives.

Spend quality time with your wife.
Spend quality time with your children.
Spend quality time with your close relatives.

Not only would it benefit them and you, it would go a long way to relieve STRESS.

In fact, any worker who has constant interaction with friends and family after work is hardly stressed. Laughter is always around such interactions, which de-stresses all like a Comedy Show.

#BGIF Bless God It’s Friday
#BGIM Weekend Edition



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_Family is Important: Spend Quality Time with Them_