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#BGIM on New Year’s Day: GROW!!!


#BGIM on New Year’s Day.

HURRAY!!! It’s 2018. A new year is before us and #BGIM (Bless God It’s Monday) continues.


It’s a New Year and in this new year 2018, #BGIM beseeches everyone to grow. Not the natural growth in age which happens to everyone but rather a conscious growth in every aspect our lives.

Grow in your financial life.
Grow in your academic life.
Grow in your family life.
Grow in your spiritual life.
Grow in your social life.
Grow in your marital life.
Grow in your work life.
Just grow!!!
Grow, Grow, Grow!!!

Aside every other thing that would happen to you this year make sure that you grow cos nature detests stagnation.

It’s said that even if you are on the right path and you don’t move, you will be crushed by those who are moving forward.

So please grow and let’s move forward in this year either stepwise or in leaps and bounds. The most important thing is let’s grow.

Look around and you will see companies, institutions, individuals growing every year reaping great profits whilst they chalk success here and there.

So when would you also grow? Is it in 2018?

#BGIM- Bless God It’s Monday



Happy New Year and all the best in 2018 as WE ALL GROW.



We thank the Almighty God for His goodness & kindness that has made us see the light of this New Year, 2017. I believe and know that most of us have planned & resolved to be better people in this year as well as making big forward-looking plans for the year. The hope of life is to look forward to a BETTER FUTURE. Hence, #BGIM continues.


Leadership is said to be the most important piece to the Jigsaw puzzle of Progress & Development. No matter the resources an individual, group or community has, ineffective leadership would never bring about the collective future we dream of, no matter how good the intentions and plans are.

As long as there are leaders, then it means there are FOLLOWERS. Almost everyone on the planet is a follower in one way or the other (albeit the numerous leadership positions one holds). But the sad state of the era we live in is we have followers looking up to their leaders to perform; expecting accountability at the end of a tenure or a period. So when leaders seem not to perform, followers are very quick to point loop holes, criticise, and even talk about removal of those leaders.

I know most followers of this age haven’t really assumed Leadership Positions of RESPONSIBILITY before but I urge us all in this New Year of 2017, to SUPPORT our leaders at home, in school, workplaces, church, mosque, community, associations, countries and continents at large. They might not have the best ideas or plans, but the little support from YOU & I would ensure those good intentions of theirs would come to fruition. Do you disagree?

So the #BGIM Quote for 2017 is “We can’t make it without YOUR SUPPORT.” And i repeat: We can’t make it without your support. Your support might be in various ways including ideas, physical support, hands-on effort, ‘common’ participation & attendance, recommendation to investors, prayer and most importantly CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM.

I know in this year, we would surely make it big with your SUPPORT.
#BGIM Bless God It’s Monday




Remember, in 2017, we can’t make it without YOUR SUPPORT.