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We bless God for another Monday through which the works of our hands would be blessed. Learning & Training Special, #LTS continues after our first 3 editions dealt with the need and attitude for training on the side of trainers and trainees.


Trainees have weaknesses. Yeah, they do. But why this topic?! By now, I hope every trainer is willing to Train young ones around and Trainees have been conscientised to accept training by way of necessity and attitude. Refer to Editions 1-3 for more understanding.

Trainees have weaknesses. So trainers need to be patient in handling them. No trainee would get everything right from start to finish during training. Some people are naturally good starters while others are slow starters. A trainee at one point or the other might commit a mistake. So trainers need to bear with their frailties.

The attitude of certain trainers to training makes it a challenge to themselves and their trainers. I have seen certain people who should have trained a lot of people by now but surprisingly have trained just a few all because they see trainees as _slippery_ (having the tendency to spoil things), not hardworking enough, not concerned about the work, not passionate enough and so on and so forth. But the truth is every trainer at one point spoilt something as trainee. And trainees have just started climbing the ladder, so mistakes would certainly occur. This situation is akin to an English Teacher expecting a Basic Two/Three pupil to speak impeccable English when it comes to use of TENSES OF VERBS.

IT IS NOT POSSIBLE Mistakes would surely happen. So trainers of our day should be more accommodating of the mistakes of trainees and in that same time, use the moment to correct them without making it looking like they (trainees) are dumb.

A quote I once saw reads: “Don’t look down on people because they don’t act as good as you cos you, yourself never always acted like this until you knew what you know now” Please read it again.

Once upon a time, my spelling (dictation) was not excellent, so I need to understand the weakness of anyone I try teaching how to spell.

NB: This doesn’t mean Trainees should stay in their weakness forever whilst making no attempt to improve.

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