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#BGI60 DON’T SPEAK ILL of Others


#BGI60 Bless God It’s 60

#BGIM Special Edition

We bless God that Ghana, our beloved country is now 60 years old. After celebrating our Independence Day yesterday, we return to work today with this #BGIM Special Edition which should help Ghana take great strides in the years ahead of us.


Over the past 10 days, two of my church leaders whom I work under have reiterated the need to desist from speaking ill of others though the issue might be true.

Everyone has flaws. And the same time, everyone has strengths. But sadly, it looks like over the past 60 years in Ghana, we seem to magnify the FLAWS & WEAKNESSES of others rather than their Successes & Strengths. And I believe it’s time we change the trend.

The flaws of the other are real and it is even true the person committed that error or mistake BUT we shouldn’t tag that person with that mistake forever. Worse enough, we use that error or mistake to soil and dent the person’s hard-earned reputation. I know you have numerous examples of such incidents from school, church, workplace and in the nation at large

That is not to say, we shouldn’t speak up when people are doing wrong or are depriving the whole nation of important benefits. But that we shouldn’t use the phenomenon that bad news sells to spread false information or the negative aspect of their lives. The disheartening aspect of such phenomena is by the time the person would be vindicated, we might have ‘spoilt’ his name without repair and most people would not even hear that what was initially said was not the WHOLE TRUTH.

If your boss asks you to speak about how you see your other colleagues, please don’t paint all of them black so that only you can be promoted.

If someone does a work and it is not satisfactory, please appreciate his efforts first before turning to outline his errors NOT FORGETTING to give him or her suggestions on how to do it better.

If you hear something bad about someone, be cautious in spreading it (double-check before) because remember that person also has a family cos I know if he or she was your family member, you would exercise restraint in spreading that news.

It’s time we move forward as a nation. It’s time we look at the good sides of people to encourage others who for the fear of their names and images being soiled have kept away from working so that they can all come on-board.

We need each other.
So for once, let’s STOP Speaking ill of Others.
We need that person and we need you too.

#BGI60 Bless God It’s 60
#BGIM Special



60 Years On. Let’s speak WELL of one another.