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#BGIM Edition- INVEST & REINVEST in Your Business


#BGIW Bless God It’s Wednesday
#BGIM Late Edition

Though this week’s #BGIM has delayed to today, we would continue with our weekly series.


Most at times, when we talk about Investing into Businesses, most employees think they are exempted so they turn their attention to their employers for investment. But today, we want to turn the notion of investment upside down.

The Bible says in Jeremiah 29:7 that
_”But seek the welfare of the city where I have sent you into exile, and pray to the LORD on its behalf, for in its welfare you will find your welfare.”_

Though the Israelites were in exile, God wanted them to invest PRAYER into that land because in the peace, welfare and prosperity of that land shall they also have their prosperity.

It’s true that it is your employer who has to provide almost everything to carry the business because the work belongs to him. But that doesn’t mean that as an employee or a worker, you also don’t put something from your own coffers or strength into the business. Should the business thrive, you would also thrive including remuneration and better working conditions. Should it shrink or collapse, you know the consequence as well.

Hence, all workers have to from their own strength or coffers add up something to whatever their employer or company is giving with the intent that the company would thrive. Though, it is true that human beings are ungrateful, I urge us all today to do everything to make our companies succeed because in its prosperity shall we have our prosperity.

AS AN EMPLOYEE, can you pinpoint anything you have invested in your company WITHOUT PAY???

And now to the employers who don’t seem to know the need to REINVEST. It is true you have invested a lot into the company and it is now chalking great success due to your efforts and sweat, but that doesn’t mean you should be enjoying the returns of your labour without reinvesting. You can’t just be buying cars, houses and personal properties etc because now the finances of your company is good.

Rather, this is the opportune time to REINVEST like a farmer who always keeps another set of maize seeds for replanting after every harvest. This is the time to employ a few more workers, time to improve the brand of your company, time to motivate your workers more, time to hire consultants or experts who would advise you on the new trends, time to invest in the training and upgrading of the skills of your work force amongst many others. If you don’t reinvest, hmmmmm. You would fizzle out of business in the next 5-10 years. And that’s why most companies can’t cross the 20-year anniversary barrier.

#BGIM Late Edition



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