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#BGIF- Bless God It’s Friday: REST IS IMPORTANT


#BGIF Bless God It’s Friday

#BGIM WORKER’S DAY Special Edition

One might be wondering why this week’s #BGIM wasn’t released on Monday, Workers Day when workers the world over were celebrated for their inevitable contribution to the success and growth of companies and economies, but rather released on a Friday. The answer is simple. It’s because of this week’s topic which is


The effect and power of REST is underestimated by most workers. We seem not to know and realise the magical powers behind rest. It is not magical per say but the effects is just like one who has been touched by a magic wand.

It’s true workers are being encouraged to work hard, give out their best, work overtime when necessary, keep their company’s work at heart wherever they go but #BGIM advises this week that all of these good attitudes towards work should NOT be at the EXPENSE of Rest.

When we rest after a hard day’s work, we allow the body to REFRESH and RECUPERATE so that we can start the next day full of fresh energy to overcome the new challenges of that day.

Sometimes we get so engrossed and engulfed in the work, task or project we are doing along with its attendant deadlines that we feel when we rest, we would waste time or we would be termed lazy but REST is still IMPORTANT.

Fact of the matter is the body like machines need rest to recuperate and freshen up. I advise that you ask any Science-Related Friend of yours to explain how effective rest is after reading this article.

And I am sure, you can even testify yourself that after every good night rest, you were very effective the next day. That’s why there are Weekends, Holidays, Leave or Vacation etc. Please let’s make use of them.

If the Almighty God Himself rested after his work, why wouldn’t you from this weekend make it a point to PAY MORE ATTENTION to Rest.

#BGIF Bless God It’s Friday
#BGIM Worker’s Day Special Edition



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MAKE IT A POINT TO REST this weekend.