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#BGEIO Bless God Easter Is Over


After celebrating the Easter over the extended weekend, for which we remembered Jesus Christ’s sacrifice for all mankind, it’s time to get back to work.


Genesis 1:31a in the creation story says “And God saw everything that He had made, and behold it was very good” (ESV)

The Almighty, All-Knowing God after all his creation looked again at all that he done and saw it was good. #BGIM this day infers that even God inspected His own work before He concluded that everything was very good. Thus the need for all mankind to INSPECT our works when we are done.

The question for today is “Do you inspect your work anytime you finish or you are just in a hurry to submit it?”

I also strongly believe that Jesus would have inspected his work (i.e. the sacrifice for mankind) on the cross before He said “It is finished”. This was a work, I am sure He couldn’t take any chances of any little little mistakes, hence, after a good assessment of his PERFECT & BLAMELESS Sacrifice, He could cry out to the Father that It is finished.

So is #BGIM asking for Perfect works?

Not necessarily so, #BGIM is calling for INSPECTION of every work you do so that we can get NEAR PERFECT Works.

In life, we usually demand very good or perfect works from others but we don’t place such demands on ourselves. Hence, anytime our supervisors come to inspect our works, we are always found wanting.

What harm would it cause you to take an extra 2 or 5 minutes to inspect your own work before you submit it?

Students would not inspect their work before submitting their classwork, homework, class test or exams but are expecting 100% always forgetting that they have to make sure all ‘i’s are dotted and all ‘t’s are crossed along with other unnoticed mistakes.

Before submitting the invoice or receipt to your customer for the purchase of your item, please spend a few seconds to crosscheck it.

Before you submit the contract you have signed to the 2nd party, please crosscheck and double check it.

After you have arranged tables and chairs for an event, stand aside and inspect your work, check and see if overcrowding might be an issue, if movement might be easy, if everybody would see what is happening on stage and if not what can you do to help them.

Before you preach or teach in church or school respectively, inspect your notes and make sure every fact is accurate ready for your delivery to the people.

Before you print that document from the computer the next time, please inspect it.

It would save you from trouble and disgrace in the future.

#BGEIO Bless God Easter Is Over
#BGIM Special Edition
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