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#BGIM-Bless God It’s Monday WE: Will #BOUNCEback



We bless God for another Monday as this: the last Monday of July, 2018. The time for us to work and see God’s blessings manifested through the work of our hands. (Deuteronomy 28:12)


The greatest story I will ever hear in this time of Midland-Policeman-Beating-Woman period is when the people of Midland Savings and Loans Ltd tell themselves we will bounce back. There has been much public backlash on the company with some even going to the extreme of calling for the closure of all branches of the company nationwide for that unfortunate incident.

It’s hard for companies to build a reputation, much less to get customers to patronise their goods and services. So for one bad incident to tarnish their image and spoil all the gains they have chalked over time, it’s definitely going to be a difficult period for Midland now. Customers wanting to withdraw their money and new, prospective customers shying away because of that incident.

Hmmmmm but I want to assure Midland and any company that has suffered such a fate that THERE IS HOPE. They surely can bounce back. Let me ask a question?

Who is the first and only coach to have won the UEFA Champions League 3 times in a row (including the first ever BACK-to-BACK)?

I hope you are saying Zinedine Zidane? Do you know of Zidane’s last contribution as a player?

The headbutt of Materazzi in the 2006 World Cup Final in Germany. Do you know that that headbutt cost him the 2006 World Best Player and Ballon d’Or Awards ?

But a dozen years afterwards, he has that enviable ‘unbreakable’ Back-3-Back record to his name.

We all can bounce back. Zizou is not the only to have ever bounced back.

‘Baby Jet’ Asamoah Gyan of the Ghana Black Stars fame also bounced back from the Public Outcry against him for his wastefulness of chances as a striker when Ghana hosted the 2008 AFCON. He’s now Africa’s alltime top goalscorer at the World Cup and his country’s leading goalscorer with 51 goals.

I know by now, you have more examples coming to mind.

We can take inspiration from these men and women to BOUNCE BACK Whenever Necessary.

#BGIM Bless God It’s Monday

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_But Remember Everyone Can Bounce Back including Midland and YOURSELF.