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#BGIM Editorial Apology

I write on behalf of the entire #BGIM Editorial team to offer an unqualified apology to anybody who has suffered the negative side effects of trying to apply any of the #BGIM principles.

Our 1 Year Anniversary Day Edition, for which I talked about how I was able to overcome a huge load of unwashed clothes for about 2/3 months by the LITTLE BY LITTLE PRINCIPLE inspired a friend to also wash all his unwashed clothes the next day. Unfortunately for him, it rained while he was taking an afternoon nap hence all his stuff were further soaked by the rain. But that isn’t the sad part actually, his loafers (shoes 👞 that can’t be polished but can only be washed) which he had to wear to class the next day also suffered from the downpour.

After class, a friend offered him a lift on his way back to his hostel 🏨 and that is when his shoe 👟 i.e. loafers gave him out. The stench was quite bad such that when his friend, who happens to his superior too, questioned him a few days afterwards, he stood there dumb unable to defend himself. So saaaaaaaaaad…

So on this note, I offer an apology to his friend and also to my friend, Giant Andoh. I also offer a similar APOLOGY to readers of #BGIM,who might have suffered a similar fate.


As said at the end of a write-up I read about the Principles of the Richest Men in the world which read “These might not make you Bill Gates but would surely make you rich”

So also #BGIM might not make you the best worker with the perfect result always but would surely bring about IMPROVED RESULTS IN YOUR OUTPUT.
Thank you.