After our prayers and conscious worship of God over the weekend, I am sure we are all expecting God to open great doors in our lives this week and beyond.

But I ask one question, which serves as the Theme for this week’s #BGIM.


Yes!!! I am sure everybody would reply but the truth is not everybody can be recommended. If there is an opportunity around, would people recommend you all things being equal?

Can you be recommended to an investor as one who can diligently manage the affairs of his new company faithfully without any complaints of dishonesty?

Can you be recommended as a good worker for promotion to the vacant position in your company?

Can you be recommended as a good hardworking and respectful househelp / baby sitter to the high paying rich family?

Can you be recommended as a good taxi driver to be picking up school children to and from their schools?

Can you, and I mean, would you be recommended when there’s a vacancy?

Bishop Dag Heward-Mills once preached about the power of recommendation in 2010 and I have kept that with me and I can surely attest that Recommendation is very powerful.

Do you know the funny thing about recommendation?
People’s judgement on who to recommend is made when the person in question is not even aware. Also the judgement is made continuously over a period of time where time serves as the best litmus test. So by the time, the opportunity or chance who open up, that person would be recommended without any doubt.

So you see why you were not recommended the last time for that vacant position? Ahaaaaa…
You see it is not because that person was the employer’s favourite or he greased people’s palms: it is simply because YOU ONLY STARTED acting serious to work and other things when the vacant opportunity came up.

Now, you went to work early. You did overtime for free willingly. You did extra work. You sacrificed things on your own. You kept to deadlines. You contributed much to projects etc.

But the truth is the devil is always a liar. And hence you can’t deceive people by your recent attitude so that you are recommended.

If taxi drivers knew that when passengers sit in their cars, they are looking for drivers for their children, like they would all drive well?

Had I known is always at last.

#BGIM Bless God It’s Monday



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_Can you be recommended?_


#BGI60 Part 3- Let’s Forgive Each Other


#BGI60- Bless God It’s 60 (Part 3)

#BGIM Special Edition

We are grateful unto the Almighty God for helping us cross the 60 year mark peacefully. Whatever the case is, as Ghanaians, all we can do is thank God, learn from the past and look forward to a brighter future.


To err, it’s said, to be human but to forgive is divine. As also said in our traditional sayings, it is only those who are close to us that step on our foot.

When someone steps on your foot, the truth is, it is very painful especially if it the person was wearing a shoe. The person might have intentionally done so either by means of playing with you or done so mischievously. Sometimes too, it wasn’t intentional.

Whether intentional or unintentional, the truth is we can’t hold unto that mistake forever and begrudge that person as long as we live. It is important we forgive each other, so that we can surge forward as a nation. Remember, to forgive is ….

I know you can recount the number of times you might have been unfairly treated by your friends, relatives, colleagues at work, fellow members in an organization, neighbours, and even fellow citizens, but if we want to move forward as a nation to GREATER HEIGHTS IN THE FUTURE, we have to forgive.

I say it again, we have to FORGIVE.

Do we remember the works of the National Reconciliation Commission in the early 2000s? Their work was not to justify the atrocities committed by the military governments but that we forgive each other and compensate each other so that we move forward in this democratic era.

Let’s learn to say sorry when we step on our friend’s foot and let’s learn to forgive when our friends step on our foot. After that, we can embrace each other and walk together to the destination ahead.
#BGI60- Bless God It’s 60 (Part 3)
#BGIM Special Edition

Part 1 & 2 of this Special series can be read at



60 Years On. Let’s FORGIVE Each Other.

#BGI60- The BLAME GAME is Enough


#BGI60- Bless God It’s 60 (Part 2)
#BGIM Special Edition

We are grateful unto God as a nation for how far he has brought us although we could have gone farther than this.

#BGI60- The BLAME GAME is Enough

It’s true we have not reached where we might envisaged ourselves to be by now. And that our Founding Fathers would not be happy to see the state of the nation 60 years after they put everything on the line to fight for our INDEPENDENCE but …

We can’t continue blaming ourselves, one against the other over the errors and mistakes we might have made down the 60 year journey. We can’t be crying over spilt milk all the time.

The funniest thing to me is BLAME GAME never solves the problem. If you’ve ever watched a football match involving children, you would understand what I am talking about.

Should a goal be conceded, everyone in the team would blame the most culpable player especially the goalkeeper or the defender involved. Sometimes the team continues to blame the child such that that weight of guilt is carried all over his head as he plays and such is antagonised by not even given a pass for the rest of the match.

If the team does not have the good guidance of an adult to steer the team’s attention from the blame-game to the MAIN GAME, the team would lose the match with the possibility of conceding more goals, for which a Nigerian man would say _’na who cause am’?_

Blaming never solves the problem: it only pleases our human nature to ascertain who was at fault whilst WASTING PRECIOUS TIME that could have been used to address the problem and find an amicable solution to it.

Time and tide, they say, waits for no man. So if as a country, we really want to move with our contemporaries based on AGE like the Malaysias, Singapores and co., it’s about time we limit, reduce & STOP this Blame Game/ Fault Finding Attitude and find solutions to the ever growing and complicating issues facing us as a country: some of which have been here for decades unsolved & unaddressed.

#BGI60- Bless God It’s 60 (Part 2)
#BGIM Special Edition

Part 1 of this special series can indeed be found at



60 Years On. Let’s END the Blame Game.

#BGI60 DON’T SPEAK ILL of Others


#BGI60 Bless God It’s 60

#BGIM Special Edition

We bless God that Ghana, our beloved country is now 60 years old. After celebrating our Independence Day yesterday, we return to work today with this #BGIM Special Edition which should help Ghana take great strides in the years ahead of us.


Over the past 10 days, two of my church leaders whom I work under have reiterated the need to desist from speaking ill of others though the issue might be true.

Everyone has flaws. And the same time, everyone has strengths. But sadly, it looks like over the past 60 years in Ghana, we seem to magnify the FLAWS & WEAKNESSES of others rather than their Successes & Strengths. And I believe it’s time we change the trend.

The flaws of the other are real and it is even true the person committed that error or mistake BUT we shouldn’t tag that person with that mistake forever. Worse enough, we use that error or mistake to soil and dent the person’s hard-earned reputation. I know you have numerous examples of such incidents from school, church, workplace and in the nation at large

That is not to say, we shouldn’t speak up when people are doing wrong or are depriving the whole nation of important benefits. But that we shouldn’t use the phenomenon that bad news sells to spread false information or the negative aspect of their lives. The disheartening aspect of such phenomena is by the time the person would be vindicated, we might have ‘spoilt’ his name without repair and most people would not even hear that what was initially said was not the WHOLE TRUTH.

If your boss asks you to speak about how you see your other colleagues, please don’t paint all of them black so that only you can be promoted.

If someone does a work and it is not satisfactory, please appreciate his efforts first before turning to outline his errors NOT FORGETTING to give him or her suggestions on how to do it better.

If you hear something bad about someone, be cautious in spreading it (double-check before) because remember that person also has a family cos I know if he or she was your family member, you would exercise restraint in spreading that news.

It’s time we move forward as a nation. It’s time we look at the good sides of people to encourage others who for the fear of their names and images being soiled have kept away from working so that they can all come on-board.

We need each other.
So for once, let’s STOP Speaking ill of Others.
We need that person and we need you too.

#BGI60 Bless God It’s 60
#BGIM Special



60 Years On. Let’s speak WELL of one another.

#BGIM- Bless God It’s Monday: TIME TO IMPROVE



Another Monday is here with us. Hope you enjoyed your weekend? And it was relaxing as well. After all our spiritual activities to seek God’s blessings on Friday, Saturday & Sunday, it’s time to work to see GOD’S BLESSINGS in our lives.


Improvement is needed by everybody. All of us need to improve in life. But the sad thing is our perception about improvement.


The word IMPROVEMENT does not mean one is bad but that he can do BETTER. And everyone can surely better what he is doing now. Let me share one notable story of improvement with us.


Lionel Messi is arguably one of the best footballers of all-time. But somewhere in 2011 or 2012, at the time when he was the REIGNING World Best, he started taking free-kicks for his club side, Barcelona. Personally, I was glad because I wondered why a player with good curling ability and placement technique never took freekicks.

It was not as though Messi needed that free-kick taking ability to establish him as the AUTHENTIC Best Player but I feel he challenged himself to taking free-kicks. And I can say without any iota of doubt that Lionel Messi has perfected that skill so much that he plays it better than the THEN ALREADY-KNOWN Free-Kick taking Cristiano Ronaldo of Real Madrid. (Please I don’t want any Messi versus Ronaldo argument emanating from this article).

Messi has since then saved his team on several occasions or helped his Barcelona team win matches because of this added skill of free-kicking taking to the extent that he even has a free-kick amongst his 5 World Cup goals for Argentina.


If such a super professional like Messi was willing to improve himself, how much more you and I? We have to improve in every aspect of our lives: be it in our communication skills, interpersonal relationships, analytical ability, punctuality, skills sets, knowledge, religious life etc.

An indigenous African proverb says if water stays at a place for long (i.e stagnates), it smells. I believe you and I need to improve be it going back to school, taking refresher courses, attending seminars, learning a new skill amongst others. The word is IMPROVE.




#BGIM Bless God It’s Monday




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#BGIM Bless God It’s Monday-ACCOUNTING is Necessary


#BGIM is back after that long absence with an article on Accounting and the need to be accountable.


Every successful business in this world has proven to be a business with strong accounting principles. The Manager accounts for what is given him and how he uses it. The workers also account for how they use resources handed over to them.


In such highly accountable institutions where even a needle is accounted for, many people see such an organization as STRICT, MISERLY & too ECONOMICAL. But I say to you this day, that it is these same institutions that are thriving and have thrived over the last decades.


We have to account for whatever is kept in our care that’s why in the Parable of the Talents in Matthew 25:14-30, the master asked his servants to SETTLE ACCOUNTS with him after his trip.


If you see shopkeepers, taking stock everyday at the close of day before going home, it is not for the pleasure of it but for the financial principle behind it. If you don’t do same in your shop, I hope from today you begin to learn from them.


Aside wastage, strong accounting principles help to bring out the best in workers because they know they would have to give account in whatever they do. And when your workers start giving off their best, you are sure to move to new levels of growth and success as you would see the blessings of God manifested in your Increased Profit Margins & Revenues.


So if you don’t have good accounting principles in your place of work, abode and even worship, I recommend you read FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT BOOKS this week to secure all the blessings God brings your way as an obedient Christian or person.


#BGIM Bless God It’s Monday









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We thank the Almighty God for His goodness & kindness that has made us see the light of this New Year, 2017. I believe and know that most of us have planned & resolved to be better people in this year as well as making big forward-looking plans for the year. The hope of life is to look forward to a BETTER FUTURE. Hence, #BGIM continues.


Leadership is said to be the most important piece to the Jigsaw puzzle of Progress & Development. No matter the resources an individual, group or community has, ineffective leadership would never bring about the collective future we dream of, no matter how good the intentions and plans are.

As long as there are leaders, then it means there are FOLLOWERS. Almost everyone on the planet is a follower in one way or the other (albeit the numerous leadership positions one holds). But the sad state of the era we live in is we have followers looking up to their leaders to perform; expecting accountability at the end of a tenure or a period. So when leaders seem not to perform, followers are very quick to point loop holes, criticise, and even talk about removal of those leaders.

I know most followers of this age haven’t really assumed Leadership Positions of RESPONSIBILITY before but I urge us all in this New Year of 2017, to SUPPORT our leaders at home, in school, workplaces, church, mosque, community, associations, countries and continents at large. They might not have the best ideas or plans, but the little support from YOU & I would ensure those good intentions of theirs would come to fruition. Do you disagree?

So the #BGIM Quote for 2017 is “We can’t make it without YOUR SUPPORT.” And i repeat: We can’t make it without your support. Your support might be in various ways including ideas, physical support, hands-on effort, ‘common’ participation & attendance, recommendation to investors, prayer and most importantly CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM.

I know in this year, we would surely make it big with your SUPPORT.
#BGIM Bless God It’s Monday




Remember, in 2017, we can’t make it without YOUR SUPPORT.


#BGIM Bless God It’s Monday
The attitude of vigilance is an attitude most workers especially Christian workers of which I am part don’t have at all. Sometimes in an attempt to be vigilant, one becomes ‘rough’ and ‘hard’, having unpleasant confrontations with others which might lead to friction in those relationships. 
As the Bible says as much as possible as it depends on us, let’s live at peace with all men. But the truth of the matter is we can’t be sacrificing our QUEST for Peace when the wrong thing is continuously done.
And this is what the  Bible has to say on such issues in Matthew 10:16.

_”Behold, I am sending you out as sheep in the midst of wolves, so be wise as serpents and innocent as doves.”_
Aside our innocence as doves, the Bible urges us to be like serpents and not just serpents but as WISE as serpents.
Sometimes we need to be confrontational, strict and hard on people to get the right thing done. We need to stand by our principles especially at work otherwise the prevailing wrong deeds would one day lead to shame and disgrace.
-Don’t allow people to misuse company property.
-Don’t allow people to take seemingly inexpensive materials home after work.
-Don’t allow your supplier of raw materials to delay in his supplies.
-Be bold to ask the tough questions when you smell something fishy.
-And above all, INSIST on the right thing being done always.
Be VIGILANT otherwise your blessings would be stolen or siphoned off.
#BGIM Bless God It’s Monday


#BGIM- Bless God It’s Monday: ARE YOU RELIABLE?

Another Monday presents itself today along with the whole working week ahead full of God’s blessings. It’s Monday and it’s time to work.

This week’s #BGIM asks a very interesting question for all workers and companies. Are we reliable? Can we be relied upon? Can people depend on our attitude and service always? What’s your TRADEMARK ™ as a worker or as a company?
Just recently, my mum on her way to the market tasked me to turn off the fire under her palm nut soup on the gas stove after 10 minutes. She knew so well that I would do it because I could be relied upon. But sadly, I failed this time: I had received a visitor before she was going out and the interesting nature of our conversation made the two of us talk so much that I FORGOT to turn the fire off such that when I finally remembered to do after about 30 minutes, I had burnt my mother’s painstakingly prepared Palm nut soup. So so sad. She even said that she felt like calling but felt there was no need to call since I could be relied upon.
That’s an unfortunate story over there. But can your boss vouch that you are reliable such that when he/she is out of town for a week, everything would go on smoothly at the work site? Can he be assured you would remember to perform all duties required to keep the company running especially in his absence?
Can he rely on you? Can he rely on you to report early to work always? Can he rely on you to submit your projects before deadlines? Can he rely on your honesty and discretion should he send you on an errand?
These are crucial things most companies and employers consciously assess workers on without their notice. And the assessments can be heard from even how the employers or other colleagues speak of these employees.
As for Mr. A or Mrs  B, he or she would surely do that, that or that….
That’s the HALLMARK of those employees mentioned. What’s yours???
#BGIM Bless God It’s Monday


#BGIM- Bless God It’s Monday: VERSATILITY is Crucial

Another Monday is here again for us to work hard to receive the blessings of God through the work of our HANDS.

It’s true you work diligently and you are very punctual to work. It’s also true that you are respectful and work well as a team player as well as you being able to work under pressure. Thumbs up for all these good work ethics. 
But today I admonish you to pick up a new work ethic called VERSATILITY. Versatility deals with your ability to fit into any place you are put irrespective of your speciality. Meaning you should be able to swim in water like a fish, fly in the air like a bird whilst keeping your speed as a cheetah on the land.
Jack of all trades is said to be master of none. But Jack can fit into any trade should one trade fail or that trade lose its relevance in society. Aside that such versatile people have a comparative advantage of those who have knowledge/ skills in only one field, because any employer would prefer to have a person who can do the job of two people than to employ two different people for those two tasks.
A neighbour friend of mine recently was trying to help her friend get a job as a personal driver but the employer wanted someone who could also serve as a gardener. Meaning after driving the man and his family up and down town, he could also keep their house aesthetically neat by his gardening skills.
Aside the ease of gaining employment, such a person would most likely be maintained during any crisis period of a company that requires LAYING-OFF of workers. In such times, companies would look forward for ways to unwillingly dispose of all others workers except the INDISPENSABLE FEW which in this case would comprise of many versatile workers at various levels of the company structure.
SO BE VERSATILE no matter what. You may be asking how can I be versatile. It starts from somewhere.
1. Begin to show interest in the work of others or work from other fields.
2. When there is a chance to work with others from other departments or the chance to work in those departments, don’t oblige. Take it as an adventure to learn something new.
3. Have friends in other departments who you don’t only chat with but talk consciously about work in their departments.
4. Take a conscious visit to other departments during break time to see what is also happening there.
5. Partake and contribute keenly to interdepartmental meetings with the more conscious attempt to learn from others there.
With these few keys, VERSATILITY would soon become your personal trait. God bless you in this quest.

Bless God It’s Monday

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