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#BGIM on New Year’s Day: GROW!!!


#BGIM on New Year’s Day.

HURRAY!!! It’s 2018. A new year is before us and #BGIM (Bless God It’s Monday) continues.


It’s a New Year and in this new year 2018, #BGIM beseeches everyone to grow. Not the natural growth in age which happens to everyone but rather a conscious growth in every aspect our lives.

Grow in your financial life.
Grow in your academic life.
Grow in your family life.
Grow in your spiritual life.
Grow in your social life.
Grow in your marital life.
Grow in your work life.
Just grow!!!
Grow, Grow, Grow!!!

Aside every other thing that would happen to you this year make sure that you grow cos nature detests stagnation.

It’s said that even if you are on the right path and you don’t move, you will be crushed by those who are moving forward.

So please grow and let’s move forward in this year either stepwise or in leaps and bounds. The most important thing is let’s grow.

Look around and you will see companies, institutions, individuals growing every year reaping great profits whilst they chalk success here and there.

So when would you also grow? Is it in 2018?

#BGIM- Bless God It’s Monday

Happy New Year and all the best in 2018 as WE ALL GROW.


#BGIM on Christmas Day- SERVE!!!


#BGIM on Christmas Day.

Hurray. It’s Christmas!!! The Saviour is born. He is Christ, the Lord. The reason for the season.

Merry Christmas to all #BGIM patrons and readers. God Bless You All.


This week’s #BGIM (Bless God It’s Monday) is centred on what the Saviour came to do as well.

For even the Son of Man came not to be served but TO SERVE, and give His life as a ransom for many” (Mark 10:45 ESV)

Most of us tend to akin service or serving to slaves, servants, subordinates and lowly people. But today #BGIM beseechs us all to serve in whatever capacity we find ourselves for service has always proven to be an approved route to greatness.

Look around you. Look for all the great people around you and go and check their background. You will see that they were and are still people of service. Serving society with one solution or the other. Some for free, some for a reduced cost or the full cost. The most important thing is that people like Kwame Despite (Despite Group Ltd) and Joseph Siaw Agyapong of Zoomlion served society with one solution or the other for which they have now burst forth into greatness.

Those who serve: be it serving food and drinks at an event; serving on various committees at their workplaces, church, mosque, associations; serving in various capacities as leaders of little or large groups, secretaries, organisers and even WhatsApp Group Administrators are surely churning out their skills. They are developing and harnessing those skills unconsciously. And just as they hone those skills, they are preparing themselves for that great door/ opportunity that would pop up when others least expected. And that’s when they will shine through to their life of greatness.

And just as my favourite preacher, Lady Rev. Adelaide Heward-Mills says those who serve will always get privileges that those who do not serve might never get, might have to pay to get or even have to struggle to get. She always says that those who serve drinking water to ministers at their church are the ones who are assured of coming into close contact with preachers like Benny Hinn and T. D. Jakes when they come to Ghana. And the most blessed of all things is when the preachers call out all of these serving kind after close of church to pray for them, impart them and bless them.

#BGIM Bless God It’s Monday

Merry Christmas!!!
But don’t forget to SERVE!!!




#BGIM- Bless God It’s Monday

We bless God for another Monday where He is ready to pour out His blessings upon us as we work diligently with our hands. (Deuteronomy 28:12)

#BGIM- Always Have A Lot in Stock

It’s said that you don’t know when your breakthrough moment would come unless it comes itself. And when that moment comes, my brother would you prepared? My sister, would be ready to grab the opportunity by the neck with both hands?

The Bible says in the Book of Proverbs that _”if you faint in the day of adversity, your strength is weak “_. At the most crucial time, when you need to have a lot of strength in stock, when you don’t have a lot in stock, you will lose and miss things on this journey of success and greatness.

Last week at school, two incidents happened which buttressed the need to have a lot in stock.

In the Examination and Printing Committee, we usually buy our materials in bulk a week or two to exams. This year after planning to buy a new printer, we bought extra toners for our old and new printer to be bought. Sadly, for us when our printer came, our toner could not match the new model of HP Printer. We started scratching our heads because we knew the manufactured toner in the printer would not be able to last us for the VOLUMINOUS printing and photocopying tasks. But guess what, the extra toners we had for our old printer saved us the disgrace and stress.

Sadly, in our second incident, we got short on official paper on the last day of exams ie. the very final paper. Eish!!! We are dead oo…I still couldn’t understand how come the Official Papers were not enough for the whole school for the first time ever.

Come and see us telling students to answer some of their answers on the question paper; cutting half sheets of used written exams scripts; looking under tables for any official paper that might have been left there a long time ago; looking into last terms remaining materials and so on and so forth till every child got at least a half sheet .i.e. 1-page official paper to write on.

You would say this is not a thing to sweat over. You people should have gone to buy a new roll of paper. Do you know how far it would have taken us to get some? And even if we got some quickly, I always say that on a small scale, the effects of lapses are not as devastating as on a large scale.

If you want to chalk great strides and great successes in life, then please ALWAYS HAVE A LOT IN STOCK

#BGIM Bless God It’s Monday

Have a Blessed Working Week.
And Always Have A Lot in Stock.

#BGIM: Bless God It’s Monday- BUY YOURSELF TIME!!!


#BGIM- Bless God It’s Monday

We bless God for another Monday such as this where we would work throughout the whole week diligently and see the goodness and blessings of God upon our lives. (Deuteronomy 28:12)


Time and Tide waits for no man. Time is a precious commodity which when lost cannot be regained/ retrieved. But time is needed in huge quantities by individuals such that the 24 hours God gave us never seems to be enough.

What we do in the 24 hours in a day would tell whether we are prospering, productive progressing or retrogressing in life. Hence, everyone wants to make maximum use of his or her time whilst our responsibilities and tasks always continue to increase.

So the question is, how do we marry increasing responsibilities with the same 24 hour time frame whilst aiming at efficiency and productivity.


You ask how???!!!
Wake up early; go to work early; settle down quickly and start planning for much of the day; do assignments or tasks that can be done before work commences; quickly work on all your backlog of unfinished tasks from the previous days; stay over where necessary to finish up certain tasks that require urgent attention. Do everything within your power to squeeze little little times for yourself so that you can accomplish most or all of your tasks in a day.

A worker who completes his/her task on time and effectively with good productivity elements and traits is surely due for the next increase in renumeration or promotion.

Have you seen how the mothers buy themselves time? On a Saturday morning where a mother needs to wash the clothes, cook, clean the house and sometimes iron the church attire for the next day church service, then you would see how mothers are smart in buying time for themselves.

At dawn, she soaks the clothes in water as she starts to cut the vegetables and co. for her stew/soup and food. When the food is now on fire, she goes to start her washing. After her first batch of washing, she goes to check the food on fire and quickly sweeps the rooms. She comes to continue washing still with her eye on the food to prevent it from been burnt. After a while, she comes to remove the food from fire, then goes to iron the dresses, followed by getting the mopping bucket and water ready. After going to do her last batch of washing, she comes back to mop all the house before finally going to dry all her clothes on the line. WOOOOWWW!!! Clap for mothers. 👏👏👏👏👏.
And don’t be surprised to see this mother go to a Saturday event like a wedding at 10am oo…

You have to buy time for yourself. Squeeze the little little times at your disposal including the time you spend commuting in traffic and learn to marry ‘marriable’ activities together. BUY YOURSELF TIME!!!

#BGIM Bless God It’s Monday

Buy Yourself Time!!!
Have a blessed Working Week

#BGIM- Bless God It’s Monday: YOUR EYES ARE ALLOWED TO ‘Steal’


It’s Monday again!!! And we bless God for another week where we would work so diligently that He, God would bless the work of our hands as seen in Deuteronomy 28:12.

#BGIM- Your EYES are Allowed to ‘STEAL’

Yes!!! Are you shocked?!!! Yours eyes are allowed to steal. As long as the material is not copyrighted, patented or bounded by law, you are allowed to ‘steal’ with your eyes.

Stealing in this case as you may see is not taking something physical like an item or money that isn’t yours, but rather, it is the learning from others developments and ideas, such that if that person is vigilant, he or she would call you a thief for stealing part of his or her idea.

But you know something? I have come to realise that most of the ideas that are put into use in our normal day life do not wholly belong to one person or wholly originate from that person only. He or she might also have worked upon another person’s idea and upgraded or adjusted it to suit his situation.

So as long as nobody can claim full ownership of originality, whilst you walk through town, please open your eyes wide. Observe a lot of things, how people or institutions do their things better and when you see something good, please be smart and humble enough to learn from ideas that work.

This past Saturday, I saw something at barbering shop I visited in a different town. The classification of prices included TEENAGERS as GH¢ 4 in addition to the normal GH¢ 3 for Children and GH¢ 5 for Adults. Then I said woooowww!!! This barber has solved the problem of determining a beaming young man of about 16 or 17 years as a child or an adult.

And you surely can steal this idea cos it will surely work.

#BGIM- Bless God It’s Monday

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Your Eyes Are Surely Allowed to ‘STEAL’

#BGIM- Bless God It’s Monday: If You Fail to Deliver, There is A Price to Pay


#BGIM Bless God It’s Monday
If You Fail To Deliver, There is A Price To Pay

We bless God for another Monday, where we would be working this week to manifest the many blessings God has bestowed unto His children with the mindset that God would bless us through the work of our hands(Deuteronomy 28:12)


As we work, we are paid for the services we render unto people i.e. our clients, patrons or customers. Thus, there is a necessity that we deliver to our customers the products and services for which drew them to our businesses, establishments or events. People would call that Customer Satisfaction.

So what if you don’t meet the customer’s satisfaction? Would nothing happen? Or something would actually happen?

Yes, something would happen. In high earning, high risk areas like football coaching, you would be sacked. In other areas, your promotion would be delayed or you can even demoted from Team A to Team B.

If it is a provider of goods and services, know for sure that people would search for a new provider. And that’s loss of revenue and income.

Thus the onus is on us as workers, employees and employers to deliver and deliver always else WE SHALL PAY THE PAINFUL PRICE of losing our customers, patrons and revenue.

#BGIM Bless God It’s Monday

Have a blessed working week but DON’T FAIL TO DELIVER.




Bless God It’s Monday (#BGIM)

#BGIM returns this Monday, after a long unannounced rest ( vital to relaunch the series. So we bless God for another Monday, for which He would bless the work of our hands. (Deuteronomy 28:12)


Yes!!! Make your friends proud. Your friends would always be proud of your achievement just as you always are proud of your friends when they make it big in life.

You know what, we all can’t be doctors, lawyers, presidents, ministers and pastors but I believe we can all be WONDERFUL PROFESSIONALS in whatever field we find ourselves: be it teaching, catering, driving, baby sitting, secretary, home making, dress making, etc.

You know what, we all have a part to play to contribute to the development of our community, society and nations. So then, why can’t we be the BEST in any field we find ourselves? Why can’t we make IMPACT in any field we find ourselves?

If we all are able to make impact and strive to be the best in our fields, I tell you, all our friends even those higher than us in the societal ladder would be proud of you. That reminds of a tweet some time ago by respected Sports Journalist in Ghana, Michael Oti Adjei of TV3 network, who also reports for the BBC network, hailing his classmate for being the brain behind the recent POPULARITY & HYPE of the National Science and Maths Quiz. I was really touched by the tweet.

Yours friends are ready to give more touching SHOUTOUTS to you if you work hard and make impact. Have a blessed week.

#BGIM Bless God It’s Monday

Shout out to my coursemates, friends and colleagues who reminded me and encouraged me not to let my writing rest for too long especially Samuel Annan, Patricia and Esther.

#BGIM is Back!!!
Make Your Friends Proud!!!



#BGIM- Bless God It’s Monday

We bless God for another Monday. We know we shall see His blessings on our work this week too. After last week’s #BGIM on INTRA-PRENEURS (, this week we move to ENTRE-PRENEURS.

#BGIM- An Entrepreneur Who Takes Decisions No Matter What.

The work of an entrepreneur is not an easy work. That’s why most people would love to own their own businesses but never are able to take the required steps to establish one.

Among the many things entrepreneurs do, they must make and take decisions each and every day which can have dire consequences or befitting returns on their businesses. Looking at the results of their decisions which may end up good or bad, entrepreneurs have to be strategic and analytical when making decisions which should always end at TAKING THOSE DECISIONS NO MATTER WHAT!!!

Not to take a decision is a decision in itself.

Not to take a risk is a greater and even higher risk.

Risks might end up good or bad. Decisions might end up good or bad. But the fact is we have to take decisions no matter what.

If the decisions end up good, we benefit from it. If it ends up bad, we learn from it so that the next time we can make better decisions.

Some decisions might include
~cutting off ties with certain business partners or friends or even contracts no matter the money they bring in
~removing bad nuts from your company no matter how good those employees are
~trying a new untested method which none of your competitors are willing to try out
~hiring young talent at a time where accomplished individuals are what it takes to make it in a highly competitive market
~the decision to cut-back on salaries and other renumeration packages to save your company from collapsing even though others esp. some high performers would leave when salaries go down.

These are all big but unpredictable decisions that entrepreneurs must make. And they should be bold to take these decisions by the horn when they come to a conclusion.

This week’s #BGIM signs off with a quote by Jesus on the need to take decisions no matter what.

Matthew 5:30
And if your right hand causes you to sin, cut it off and throw it away. For it is better that you lose one of your members than that your whole body go into hell.” (Also mentioned in Matthew 18:8-9)

#BGIM- Bless God It’s Monday

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Are You Willing To Take Those Decisions NO MATTER WHAT?



#BGIM- Bless God It’s Monday

After the weekend where we made _God No. 1 in Our Lives_, we start a new working week expecting that God who is faithful to His word would bless the work of our hands. (Deuteronomy 28:12 )


Yeah, Intraprenuer. I spelt in right. It is not a spelling mistake. The word is akin to its root parent word, ENTREPRENEUR.

Entrepreneurs are those who own their own companies or projects and employ the services and skills of a few or many employees to get their companies or projects running. Hence, we have big entrepreneurs and small-scale entrepreneurs, but an entrepreneur is an entrepreneur. They are those who are actually changing the face of goods and services offered to customers or consumers whilst earning the bragging rights as the owners of such companies.

Today, our attention is not on Entrepreneurs but on a usually overlooked set of people whose input to any company or project is as vital as the entrepreneur who makes the big decisions, takes the risks and carries the vision of the company.

INTRA-preneur unlike Entre-preneur refers to the influential people WITHIN the workforce of the Entrepreneur. The entrepreneur is mostly on the periphery of the workforce meaning he or she is mostly outside the main workforce but works along with the active workers on the ground to get his set goals and targets achieved.

So what actually makes up an INTRA-preneur? They are those employees who work within the workforce as though they were the Entrepreneur himself working. They give their all. They take prudent decisions and find a way to lead the whole team by motivation to get any work done. They even invest much into the company to the complaints of their fellow workers who remind them that, the company is not theirs. But these people don’t relent in their efforts to push the company forward by the actions and even inactions. They want the company to succeed as though they had shares in the company although they can have better opportunities elsewhere.

Have you seen such a person at your workplace before?
Can you spot any such person on your project team?

These people are around us. Just open your eyes and you would spot them. The truth about these guys is

The INTRAPRENEURS of today would be the ENTREPRENEURS of tomorrow.

After their efforts in such fields, when a door of opportunity opens such people can also upgrade to the next level, own their own companies and now be properly classified as Entrepreneurs.

Would you say such a person is an INTRAPRENEUR?
During the Easter Convention of my church during this past Easter, a comment was made concerning a certain gentleman. At such a huge programme, canopies needed to be fixed, lights needs to be functioning, quality sound is required, security for cars and people needs to be provided, law and order needs to be maintained etc. And a lot of young men and women are implored to help the church in this regard.

After a few days into the convention, one member approached one of the Pastors and inquired about this said gentleman to know whether he was the OVERALL HEAD of the Convention Organising Committee. Suffice to say that, he had seen this man at almost every place in the convention doing one thing or the other and leading the various young men on the ground to perform different tasks to his amazement. And the fact is the person in question was just a committee member who headed one subcommittee.

Can we classify such a person as an INTRAPRENEUR?

#BGIM- Bless God It’s Monday

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#BGIF- GOD is No. 1


#BGIF- Bless God It’s Friday
A #BGIM Edition

Another Friday presents itself. And we continue from where we left off in our Important Series. After, Rest is Important & Family is Important, we land on the ultimate today.

#BGIF- GOD is No. 1

God is No. 1. He is not just important; He is the ultimate in terms of Importance.

Deuteronomy 8:18
You shall remember the LORD your God, for it is he who gives you power to get wealth, that he may confirm his covenant that he swore to your fathers, as it is this day.”

Proverbs 10:22
The blessing of the LORD makes rich, and he adds no sorrow with it.

All power belongs to the Lord. The power to make your plans to succeed. He also has the power to THWART your plans so that nothing you do will succeed. Then at the end, you would be chasing after the wind like King Solomon said in the book of Ecclesiastics.

Having observed and listened to the interviews of many successful and accomplished men and women in their various fields of work, i realised that these ones just like us, have a more BALANCED approach to life where they don’t ignore the God Factor.

They all have a conscious presence and acknowledgement of God in their life aside their ever-diligent work output.

Proverbs 16:3 reads
” Commit your work to the LORD, and your plans will be established.”


Proverbs 3:5-6 reads
“v5.  Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding.
v6. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.”

Have you wondered why Daniel with an excellent spirit continually excelled under all the kings in Babylon? I guess you won’t attribute it only to his excellent spirit. For I tell you, there were others also with excellent spirits in the land.

It’s because Daniel made God No. 1 in his life. He gave God the preeminence in his life by his daily unabated prayers to God.

Is God the No. 1 in your life?

#BGIF- Bless God It’s Friday
#BGIM Edition

#BGIM encourages EXCELLENCE always cos there is no substitute for Excellent Work.
*MAKE GOD Your No. 1 today.*
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