After our prayers and conscious worship of God over the weekend, I am sure we are all expecting God to open great doors in our lives this week and beyond.

But I ask one question, which serves as the Theme for this week’s #BGIM.


Yes!!! I am sure everybody would reply but the truth is not everybody can be recommended. If there is an opportunity around, would people recommend you all things being equal?

Can you be recommended to an investor as one who can diligently manage the affairs of his new company faithfully without any complaints of dishonesty?

Can you be recommended as a good worker for promotion to the vacant position in your company?

Can you be recommended as a good hardworking and respectful househelp / baby sitter to the high paying rich family?

Can you be recommended as a good taxi driver to be picking up school children to and from their schools?

Can you, and I mean, would you be recommended when there’s a vacancy?

Bishop Dag Heward-Mills once preached about the power of recommendation in 2010 and I have kept that with me and I can surely attest that Recommendation is very powerful.

Do you know the funny thing about recommendation?
People’s judgement on who to recommend is made when the person in question is not even aware. Also the judgement is made continuously over a period of time where time serves as the best litmus test. So by the time, the opportunity or chance who open up, that person would be recommended without any doubt.

So you see why you were not recommended the last time for that vacant position? Ahaaaaa…
You see it is not because that person was the employer’s favourite or he greased people’s palms: it is simply because YOU ONLY STARTED acting serious to work and other things when the vacant opportunity came up.

Now, you went to work early. You did overtime for free willingly. You did extra work. You sacrificed things on your own. You kept to deadlines. You contributed much to projects etc.

But the truth is the devil is always a liar. And hence you can’t deceive people by your recent attitude so that you are recommended.

If taxi drivers knew that when passengers sit in their cars, they are looking for drivers for their children, like they would all drive well?

Had I known is always at last.

#BGIM Bless God It’s Monday



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