#BGIM Bless God It’s Monday
The attitude of vigilance is an attitude most workers especially Christian workers of which I am part don’t have at all. Sometimes in an attempt to be vigilant, one becomes ‘rough’ and ‘hard’, having unpleasant confrontations with others which might lead to friction in those relationships. 
As the Bible says as much as possible as it depends on us, let’s live at peace with all men. But the truth of the matter is we can’t be sacrificing our QUEST for Peace when the wrong thing is continuously done.
And this is what the  Bible has to say on such issues in Matthew 10:16.

_”Behold, I am sending you out as sheep in the midst of wolves, so be wise as serpents and innocent as doves.”_
Aside our innocence as doves, the Bible urges us to be like serpents and not just serpents but as WISE as serpents.
Sometimes we need to be confrontational, strict and hard on people to get the right thing done. We need to stand by our principles especially at work otherwise the prevailing wrong deeds would one day lead to shame and disgrace.
-Don’t allow people to misuse company property.
-Don’t allow people to take seemingly inexpensive materials home after work.
-Don’t allow your supplier of raw materials to delay in his supplies.
-Be bold to ask the tough questions when you smell something fishy.
-And above all, INSIST on the right thing being done always.
Be VIGILANT otherwise your blessings would be stolen or siphoned off.
#BGIM Bless God It’s Monday



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