#BGIM- Bless God It’s Monday: ARE YOU RELIABLE?

Another Monday presents itself today along with the whole working week ahead full of God’s blessings. It’s Monday and it’s time to work.

This week’s #BGIM asks a very interesting question for all workers and companies. Are we reliable? Can we be relied upon? Can people depend on our attitude and service always? What’s your TRADEMARK ™ as a worker or as a company?
Just recently, my mum on her way to the market tasked me to turn off the fire under her palm nut soup on the gas stove after 10 minutes. She knew so well that I would do it because I could be relied upon. But sadly, I failed this time: I had received a visitor before she was going out and the interesting nature of our conversation made the two of us talk so much that I FORGOT to turn the fire off such that when I finally remembered to do after about 30 minutes, I had burnt my mother’s painstakingly prepared Palm nut soup. So so sad. She even said that she felt like calling but felt there was no need to call since I could be relied upon.
That’s an unfortunate story over there. But can your boss vouch that you are reliable such that when he/she is out of town for a week, everything would go on smoothly at the work site? Can he be assured you would remember to perform all duties required to keep the company running especially in his absence?
Can he rely on you? Can he rely on you to report early to work always? Can he rely on you to submit your projects before deadlines? Can he rely on your honesty and discretion should he send you on an errand?
These are crucial things most companies and employers consciously assess workers on without their notice. And the assessments can be heard from even how the employers or other colleagues speak of these employees.
As for Mr. A or Mrs  B, he or she would surely do that, that or that….
That’s the HALLMARK of those employees mentioned. What’s yours???
#BGIM Bless God It’s Monday



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