#BGIM on a Tuesday
Adaptability is very crucial in the success and survival of any business, person or entity. Things won’t always be the same, so when situations change there is the need to ADJUST our plans and methods in order to fit with the new trends or circumstances.
A typical example can be seen in the Children’s Ministry of a church. It doesn’t matter how resourced or knowledgeable of the Bible their teacher is, if he or she does not adapt to the needs of the children (which anybody with experience working with children would tell you is Peculiar and different from that of adults), he can’t succeed in the Children’s Ministry not because the teacher isn’t good but he or she couldn’t ADAPT to the demands of this new ministry.
So also, there is the need for every person or business establishment to ADJUST & ADAPT their plans and methods to suit the current conditions for their success and survival. A chameleon always changes its colour not just because of success but for its SURVIVAL telling us that if we refuse to adapt as workers or businesses, we would soon be extinct.
A sad story is told of the World’s Largest Phone Manufacturer, Nokia which didn’t adjust to the new trends hence they were taken over by the Microsoft Company. So sad that during the Takeover Ceremony, the Nokia CEO and Staff were weeping because in their words, they did nothing wrong to lose the company.

(Further read from here: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/nokia-ceo-ended-his-speech-saying-we-didnt-do-anything-rahul-gupta )
As the Ghanaian saying goes, ‘mbere dane a , dane bi’ meaning when time changes, you have to also change, ADAPT & ADJUST.
#BGIM on a Tuesday

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