#BGIM Bless God It’s Monday

I believe after you waited in God’s presence this past weekend at church, you surely are looking forward to His blessings this week. That’s why we are glad today is Monday.


Diversifying your business is crucial as your business grows. You can’t keep all the growth of your business still restricted to the initial plan of the business. The impact of diversifying one’s business cannot be overemphasized here.

It’s true that due to your diligent attitude to work and that of your workers, your business is growing exponentially. But it would grow till a point where the maximum growth RATE would be achieved, hence, the need to Diversify or Spread your Business so that you can profit from other businesses. All big/ great businesses begin to diversify as it grows and the reason is explained by the proverbial saying…

_”Do not put all your eggs into one basket”_

The whole world is seeing the impact of the slump of the Oil Price on oil-dependent economies like Saudi Arabia and Nigeria. Mostly because their diversification has been quite limited so far.

That’s why I salute the Ghanaian magnate, Mr. Kwame Despite of Despite Group of Companies. From the little video cassette selling business which grew into the establishment of arguably Ghana’s most listened to radio station, Peace 104.3 Fm, this business-minded CEO hasn’t kept the growth just there. Even with radio stations, he spread the basket to have Hello Fm, Okay Fm and Neat Fm. His Tv station, United Television along with Atona Foods including This Way Chocolate Drink, Special Ice, Neat Foods like Neat Fufu and the like all testify to the diversification power of Mr. Despite and other Ghanaian magnates of whom time and space won’t allow me to talk of their story.

So if your business is growing and you are enjoying great success there, it’s a call to diversify because you don’t know when tragedy might strike that sector of the economy whilst you also don’t how profitable it would be when you venture into that other field after careful planning.

#BGIM Bless God It’s Monday



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