#BGIF Bless God It’s Friday

After talking about paying your workers well and the need for workers to also respect their bosses or superiors, we land on another important which has been seen to be key to the growth of most companies.


It’s true you are the owner of the company or you are the superior but that doesn’t mean all the wisdom or ideas in this world rests in your head. As seen in most Ghanaian Ananse stories, Ananse, the spider always thinks he is the wisest but has been proven on several occasions even by his sons that the ‘Pot of Wisdom’ was never handed to one person.

This reminds of one very notable thing my junior brother once did which I was very appreciative of. Not to say that I didn’t know how to iron as that time (i.e about 2 years ago), but as I ironed my clothes that day, he leaned forward to show a few vital ironing tips for which after humbling myself to receive them, I was blessed. In fact, I was taught  a few lessons none of my senior cousins, my ‘school father’ in high school, my close friends or any other person had ever taught me as I grew up . And those lessons have even created bigger opportunities for me at other places apart from home. God bless you Eddie once again.

It’s true the business is yours but sometimes some of your well-meaning workers may suggest an incredible idea or solution to a problem, don’t think you would feel humiliated in the eyes of the other workers if you took that advice. NO!!! You never would be humiliated but rather you would gain more respect in their eyes because they realise they are working with a listening boss or superior. Other incredible ideas and inputs would begin to come from other workers which after you necessary SIEVING as a superior or owner, you might find vital to the growth of your establishment. When you come to such a conclusion, don’t delay to implement such things.

And that is not to say superiors are supposed to listen and TAKE EVERY IDEA of their subordinates. As I always there is no law in this world that says you must do what you have been advised to do but rather it is necessary you listen to the advices people give in an attempt to have a broader perspective of the situation. The judgement of whether it is good, bad or necessary always rests with you.

So do listen to your Subordinates and please please RESPECT THEM because they are also ‘persons’.

#BGIF Bless God It’s Friday
#BGIM Special



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