#BGIM Bless God It’s Monday

After another Sunday at church ⛪, I hope you are getting ready for the blessings received this week. But remember God’s blessings always come via the work of your hands (Deut 28:12 , Job 1:10). Another Working week therefore means another Blessing week, so trust God for his blessings this week.


First impressions count and most likely last because you don’t get a second chance to change that impression. First impressions can’t be negotiated with if you want to succeed in what you do. The impact of first impressions cannot be overemphasized. But sadly, first impression is NOT enough.

Two friends preparing for their National Service at a company in a conversation came to a conclusion that for the first two months of their one-year Service period, they would go to work very early and keep a high work ethic because they have to give a good impression of themselves at their new place of work. And I thumbed them 👍 for that idea but on second thought I realised there was a flaw in that logical reasoning.

Going to work early for the first two months only was not enough. So would they start going to work late from the third month onwards? Hmmmm… Hmmmm… Hmmm…

After such a sigh, I am sure, we now understand why first impression is not enough. In fact, I would advise that if you know you are a habitual late person don’t come so early such that when your real character begins show forth, people who initially accepted you would be put off by your ‘new’ behaviour.

My personal observation about first impression have been that you can always use first impressions as a platform to turn over a new leaf 🍁 or to improve massively on any area you are lacking in. It is a moment you can use to start afresh and commit yourself to that new behaviour and attitude you desire to have.

So after two months of going to work early, CONTINUE going early so that the benefits of going to work early and having a high work ethic for which you convinced yourself that are necessary to give a first impression, would continue to show forth in your work life.

You would benefit more from it than the people who you were initially trying to impress cos it would lead to BETTER Appraisals for you: YOUR allowances, promotions, contracts, rewards, awards and external benefits would not be delayed at your new place of work.

May your First Impression be a CONSTANT Impression.

#BGIM Bless God It’s Monday

Special Wishes to our Muslim brothers as they celebrate Eid-ul-Adha. Bakr da Sallah.




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