#BGIM Bless God It’s 1 Year: #ANNIVERSARY DAY

Today being 7th September, 2016 is the exact 1 Year Anniversary of the launch of #BGIM.

We commemorate the Anniversary Day with the story of how I overcame the challenge mentioned in this week’s #BGIM by the LITTLE BY LITTLE principle.

This is how I finally overcame a huge task I had bring trying to overcome for the past 3-4 months. I inadvertently had a pile up of all my clothes 👗 down for washing caused by a short period of not washing my clothes. It was so much that I always told myself I would CLEAR IT the day I had enough time. But sadly for the past quarter, anytime I had time, I didn’t have enough physical strength & anytime I had enough physical strength, I didn’t have enough time. So I resorted to short short impulse washing of my clothes on demand for any occasion. Thus I have been washing the clothes needed for the next few days periodically, all until now.

I wondered to myself when I would ever overcome this huge load of dirty clothes anytime I looked beneath my wardrobe UNTIL just last week when I finally gathered the enough personal human resources to overcome it,

Going for a Church ⛪ Camp Meeting, I decided as usual to wash another small clothes on demand (enough for only the Camp Meeting). After washing those few clothes, I told myself, “School 🎒 is about to start, why not wash a few for the first week of school”, so I did so. By the time, I finished, it occurred to me that there’s a Wedding 💒 ahead, why not wash a few nice clothes….

By the time, I had realised I had gathered enough momentum such that any time I finished a washing few clothes, I would instinctively go for another set and so on and so forth. This continued until we (family 👪 members) were called for a Family Prayer Time by which I had conquered 70% of that huge mass. The 30% is going to be conquered in the next available washing time.

As it is said, the Empire & Kingdoms of this world were conquered ONE AT A TIME.



In my earlier acknowledgements, I inadvertently forgot to acknowledge my spiritual fathers whose prayers have been made silently for me to keep #BGIM always on the move. Thanks to all spiritual fathers.

*Special Mention* goes to Pastor B. K. Adrakpanya (Rtd), my immediate past District Pastor whom I have worked in close relationship over the past year. It was during one of his Assignments that I wrote my first #SPECIAL Edition on Founders Day in Ghana. God richly bless him.

Thanks once again to all faithful readers of #BGIM.




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