#BGIM Bless God It’s Monday THE DIFFERENCE


What’s the difference between you and all your other colleagues or competitors in the market? If you really want to make your Mother proud as seen in last week’s #BGIM by BEING THE BEST THERE IS IN YOUR FIELD, then get ready.

Why would somebody be chosen over you?
And why would you also be chosen over the other when it comes to award, promotion, praise, better placement or patronage of your service etc?

It’s simple. THE DIFFERENCE between you and the others.

Which of you(plural) would be chosen based on….???

-Who comes to work early? (Punctuality)

-Who is always at work? (Regular)

-Who works best even when he’s not supervised?

-Who keeps to Deadlines: Submission of forms, reports and money?

-Who is ready to do extra work for the company even without pay?

-Who uses his personal resources to augment or help the company in his little small way?

-Who has the best experience?

-Who has a better working relationship with all in the company (upwards, downwards or sideways)?

-Whose appraisal is better?

Anything as a difference can give the other the upper hand ✋.

Once upon a time, two workers in a company were supposed to go for an International Seminar and when their VISAS were applied for, one was accepted and the other decline. And the reason when I heard boggled my mind no matter how I saw it. The reason was simple: ONE HAD STRONGER TIES BACK TO HOME. Stronger ties to his home country means he’s married 💑 and hence would certainly come back home even with other job offers abroad.

And i am like WOOOOWWW! Being Married can give one a upper hand same as being Single can also give one the same advantage in another situation.

Then any notable difference is important.

What’s the difference then?
Is it a POSITIVE or negative difference?
If Positive, thumbs up 👍.

If Negative, then let’s get to work on it.

#BGIM Bless God It’s Monday


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