#BGIM on a Tuesday MAY DAY Edition

After workers across the world over had taken that essential rest over the past two days via the May 1st Workers Holiday, most workers if not all are back to work this morning. So #BGIM is specially released on a Tuesday.


The most clear-cut difference between a thriving, performing workforce and the one that isn’t is the EYE πŸ‘€ that Monitors the work done by that workforce. The Results of a very functioning monitoring eye πŸ‘€ can never be overestimated. The Question therefore would be: WHO has this monitoring eye πŸ‘€ and HOW does it work.

If you’ve ever been under the WATCH πŸ‘€ of a Monitoring Eye before you would understand what I am saying. A few workers were working (NB: I didn’t say were lazing about) when suddenly one of them alerted the others that their supervisor had just come in. Suddenly everyone began to STRAIGHTEN UP πŸ‘† in any way not noticeable by their Supervisor. Though everyone was working, JUST ONE MONITORING EYE πŸ‘€ was able to put everyone back on their toes.

Yes! That’s what brings about the EXTRA margins of productivity, efficiency and profit in any corporation. Nobody would attempt cutting corners or even lazy about when work is there to be done.

It is an undeniable fact that the Leadership/Management of any successful organisation monitor almost anything being done in their organisation, whether by themselves or by the powers of Delegation. Monitoring means you check everything possible that needs to be checked at PRE-, DURING & POST-WORKING Hours. Monitor things like use of raw materials, use of financial resources, use of incentives, use of time, use of communication devices, use of transport mechanisms, use of authority and power, use of workers amongst so many other things.

Monitoring demands that people be accountable for whatever they do. So leadership has every right to question ‘Why this or that was done?’; Why that and that was not done?’. And if no reasonable answer is given, STRICTNESS should quickly set into play otherwise soon and very soon that LAPSE would cost everyone in the Company, Family, Institution, Community or Nation something bigger and more catastrophic.

So if you want to see the best from your workforce, always put on a FUNCTIONAL MONITORING EYE πŸ‘€ around. Not that your workers would not do the right thing or you don’t trust them but that everybody needs to be on his toes for the OVERALL GOOD of the establishment.

#BGIM on a Tuesday
#SpecialEDITION #MayDay



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