I woke up this morning to see a surprise message on my phone as an ardent follower of the weekly ‪#‎BGIM‬ (Bless God It’s Monday) was enquiring as at 45 minutes to midnight yesterday WHY yesterday’s #BGIM wasn’t released. Not that I forgot to release yesterday’s Edition but that I had something special in mind.

Since the #BGIM series is targeted at we seeing work in a different way: Seeing work as the means through which God primarily blesses us since the Bible says ok a countless number of times that God would bless us through the work of our hand. Hence as we do our various work and tasks wholeheartedly and diligently, all of the Father’s blessings would come to pass in our lives. So for the next 4 editions, I have decided that every OTHER working day of the week would have it’s special Edition‪#‎BGI‬….

#BGIT Bless God It’s Tuesday


As I learnt from my Basic School’s motto, Knowledge is POWER. Yes!!! Knowledge is power but sadly most of us are NOT putting our knowledge to USE. And when I talk of putting knowledge to use I mean FULL USE and not partial usage. The more you know, the more you are to use.

Knowledge, as I was once informed by an elderly person, is NOT ONLY acquired in the DIRECT means of transfer like in a school, through time with a more knowledgeable person such as in training, through reading books, through communication devices like television, radio, internet etc but also INDIRECTLY through Observation and Meditation. So whatever means it takes for you to acquire that knowledge, the purpose of that acquisition is for you to put it to use.

Putting knowledge to use requires a critical trait of COMBINING the knowledge acquired from different fields and backgrounds, that’s why the teams that work on big, big projects have experts from various fields because though the task might primarily be under one field, it can’t be completed without the expertise of other fields of knowledge. This implies that every kind of knowledge is USEFUL.

A friend was once charging her phone about 20 minutes to the start of a wedding due to Dumsor (Power Outage) at her home but surprisingly was using her phone actively during that same period and as I walked to her I told if she really wanted her phone to be charged enough before the wedding started, she should put her Mobile Data OFF and if possibly put her phone OFF as well. (Reason: NET Charging Rate of phone is faster when phone is not used than when used). Application of knowledge done here, though i don’t have an Electrical background. Same applies everywhere, if your office/ room is unusually warm, what do you do despite the fan in use? Simply ASK what is preventing/reducing the circulation of air. Solve it, then enjoy the atmosphere. No challenge can’t be overcome if we put our knowledge to use.
If anytime you send an email to your colleagues, some complain of not receiving it. To detect where the problem is just add your mail also to the Recipients Lists and if you don’t receive it yourself in your Inbox, you would then know where the problem is. And afterwards, you can make it conscious effort of always CC yourself in any mail.

Remember, the point is to put your knowledge to use and NOT restrict the use of your knowledge.





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Next week is ‪#‎BGIW‬

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