‪#‎BGIM‬ Bless God It’s Monday-DO THINGS BETTER

‪#‎BGIM‬ Bless God It’s Monday

Working activity for the New Year is in full swing now, hence I want to admonish us all on something essential to make us see MORE of God’s promised blessings in this year.


Yeah, I meant it. ‘Do Things Better’. Most people when they hear about doing better things think it is all about further education / more training but I tell you this day, you can do things better even without them.

Ask yourself,
~What I have done better this year?
~What I have added to the things I usually do to make it better?
~How have I corrected the things that didn’t go on well the last time?
~And how have I worked to improve on the good things I did the other time?

And you see that you don’t necessarily need further education/ more education to answer the aforeasked questions.

Life, as quoted by WRITE_S © is said “to be an UNENDING Learning Process

An unending learning process towards the betterment of the things we do. Learning from yesterday to improve today.

Hence, I find it disheartening anytime I see people REPEAT the Same things they did the last time round especially the mistakes, and surprisingly expect Better/ Improved Results.
For which I’m sad to say that most of us just DON’T learn. And I mean it to the very letter. And I perceive it’s because most of us think learning should always be somewhat STRUCTURED like in a Formal manner but NO! NO!! NO!!! It doesn’t always need to be so. Watch this.


-Last time, the main problem in organising that event/meeting was Delayed/ Late Communication. You don’t have to let it repeat itself.

-Last time, it was your Sound System, work on it assiduously this time round.

-Last time, inadequate photocopies was the problem. This time round, make ENOUGH copies.

*Last time, your Good Publicity was what worked the Trick. This time, IMPROVE on it massively.

*Last time, Adequate Preparation was the trick. This time take your Preparation to another level. Make it even better.


Yeah, these are the things when we do would bring about BETTER RESULTS and MORE Manifestation of God’s Blessing. It won’t be perfect always but just make sure you work at improving it always by doing things better.

#BGIM Bless God It’s Monday

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