‪#‎BGIM‬ Bless God It’s Monday

2016 is here with us and today being the 1st Monday or to most people the 1st Working Day of this New Year, I admonish that we give out all our best this year so that we can see the BEST Results in our lives this year. I thank God you’re alive to see His Goodness once AGAIN this year.


What did I just say?
Make yourself USEFUL.
Yeah, it’s been established that in this world, there’s nobody God created without Purpose or ‘A Use’. Everybody has a USE in this world, whatever the situation maybe.

You might not be seen to be of any use where you find yourself but I urge you to just make yourself Useful. Because if you don’t make yourself useful, sadly you become wasted. You might ask but there’s nothing for me to do?, and I would tell you there’s something you can do whether you’re tasked or not. Anytime, we sit down with our arms folded, our gift, talent/skill we think we always have would become dormant and the day we might be ready to SPARK it up, we would be surprised it won’t be there in the Full Measure we expect it.


~If you’re in an office and there’s some ICT stuff that needs Technologically Survy people to do, make yourself USEFUL in that manner, don’t say “That’s not my job and I wouldn’t be paid for it”.

~If you’re in school, and there’s a Music Concert, and you can be of Use in any manner, kindly bring your skills on board, don’t say I am not part of the Committee or part of the Singing Group.

~If you’re in your community and they are Organising a Program for the Children in the Neighbourhood, make yourself useful in anyway possible, whether bringing other kids you know to the event, coming along with any Kids Stuff you have or bringing on board a Contact you know that might be skilled in Issues relating to Children, etc.

~If you’re at home or work and Errands need to be run and you’re Well-Equipped and Available, don’t Drag your Feet. Be willing to go on that Errand.

~If you go for a program/ to a place and something needs to be done, say carrying of chairs, water, serving of meals, and there’s the need for help, make yourself useful.

~If you visit your Auntie or Uncle or any relative, and you can help with the kids, make yourself useful: their homework, play with them, watch TV with them and so on and so forth.

So you might ask why am I giving all these suggestions, don’t I know people would TEND to use you for FREE in that manner and some people would even be UNWELCOMING to you when you try to be Useful. Yes, I know all of that.

But what I want to tell you is that the things you do for free are the same things you would be paid for very soon when your Potential is developed.

You might be doing it for free now and you might be treated unfairly now but don’t forget that all this time, you’re trying your Hands at something. In this time, you have the luxury of LEARNING so much on the Job for FREE without the fear of being AXED for Poor-performance. Ahaa, you never knew.
(NB: That doesn’t mean you should do it ANYHOW)

You get the chance to have Experience in so many things by this principle such that in the time, you are ready to do yours, BAM!!! you’re Equipped in every area necessary, along with Knowing all the Competent People to bring on Board and where and where to get Help when the need arises.

So I believe that in this new year and beyond, we have to make ourselves more USEFUL wherever we find ourselves whether for free, whether we’re paid peanuts or paid bountifully. Just make yourself USEFUL this year.
Remember, Facebook started at Harvard University for free and is now the world’s most visited Website after the popular Google Search Engine Website in 1st place, making Millions & Billions of Dollars for its owners.


#BGIM Bless God It’s Monday


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