‪#‎BGIM‬ Christmas Edition Finale 4- DO YOU DELEGATE?

‪#‎BGIM‬ Christmas Edition Finale 4



After the Christmas Edition 1, 2& 3 taught us to PLAN better, add ACTIONS to our plans and the Need for LEADERSHIP in Everything. The Finale Edition 4, which happens to be the last #BGIM for 2015 asks “DO YOU DELEGATE?” or better still “DID you DELEGATE roles, responsibilities and tasks this year?”.

An Evaluation my Head for SHS Schools Co-ordinating, Asempa Abraham gave me in my final year in school was: However, good I might have been, one essential thing I lacked was DELEGATION. So I was glad when an Elder friend of mine from school, Elder Kpodo simplified what Delegation meant as


You remove your hands from that particular task, and release it into another Capable hand and most importantly you don’t remove your eyes from it but rather you keep yours eyes on it. What he meant was after relieving yourself of that Duty/Task, you have to monitor it. Keep yourself updated on it’s progress, whether you need to give Advice on how to do it better, bring your experience to the fore, give them a helping hand or in the worst case scenario, intervene to salvage the situation.

What most of us forget when we delegate responsibility or tasks is that, it is still in your name that the work is being done, so you don’t Need to lose sight of that task.
I believe when we learn to do this, we would feel more comfortable the next time we DELEGATE because you know that in the long run things won’t go Bad because your monitoring eyes is always around.

Someone would say, “Oh, but I have the time and opportunity to accomplish this Task, so why Delegate?” You need to Delegate at times so that it can ‘FREE‘ you up to do other assignments. Sometimes you need to rest, you need fresh energy for more demanding and challenging tasks ahead amongst other benefits of Delegation.

But above all the Benefits of DELEGATION, this is what I have come to understand to be the most priceless reason why you need to delegate. And that is …


You wouldn’t always be there. And I mean it to the very letter. However, you might try to convince yourself, you WOULDN’T always be there Steve Jobs of Apple Inc., makers of IPhone, IPad and the like died a few years ago, but ask yourself ‘HAS APPLE Inc. slumped since the death of it’s founder & CEO?’
NO!!! No sign of that.

This is because anytime you Delegate, you make room for the capacities of your subordinates or colleagues to be developed so that in the event you are not around on any occasion, the Job would still be DONE!!!

I think you better should same as me too.


#BGIM Bless God It’s Monday
Christmas Edition Finale 4

See you in 2016.

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