#‎BGIM‬ Christmas Came Early Edition III



I repeat Leadership is Needed in Everything. I mean EVERYTHING. You might have the best Plans as seen in Edition 1, and implement them via your Actions in Edition 2, but I tell you those plans won’t produce the maximum Results and Efficiency if no one leads the way.

For it said that “it’s better for a lamb to LEAD a company of lions than for a group of lions to travel to a destination without a leader“. You might argue that “Oh, what are you saying, but the Lion, the King of the Jungle doesn’t need anyone to lead it, he does what he wants and goes where he wants”. Then i would also tell you that ‘Mehu bi da’ translated from the Fante language as “I have seen some before”.

During my National Service, my colleague Service Personnel in the Cell Lines Department and I, 6 of us in all, were recalled from a various sections for Refresher Training, after which we were placed under a very experienced Line Manager so that we could see the practical side of the Training for about a week or two. Sensing we were ALL on the same level of the Educational Ladder (First Degree Graduate) as well as none of us knowing anything much about the Aluminium Reduction process and most importantly to prevent others from lazing about under the notion that the leader would do the task even if no one does it alongside the notion that the leader would force his inexperienced knowledge on the Group, he declared that “There is no leader among you, you’re all leaders and the responsibility is on you all”.

All my colleagues can testify that the Declaration which we all received with open arms, caused us a lot. We had a very Torrid Time. 6 Engineering minds agreeing on one (1) thing when everyone has the VETO power is synonymous to the United Nations (UN) Security Council where everyone permanent member has VETO Power, so until everyone agrees we can’t go that way.

I call all my fellow Cell Lines/ PotRoom Service Personnel to bear me WITNESS on this issue: Kwarteng, Tackie, Saed, Dompey & Mahmud; that until we ACCEPTED that one of us should LEAD, we NEVER got anywhere apart from looking at the Legal and Engineering aspect of any suggestion a member brought forth.

Actually, we learnt a hard lesson there of which I ADMONISH us all this day that it’s TIME we all begin to value LEADERSHIP. I mean Leadership in everything, at home, at school, at the workplace, church, mosque, in the community, nation and the world at large.

For it is BETTER to have POOR Leadership than NO Leadership“.

Leadership is simply explained as ‘Someone in the forefront. He Leads people and Manages things’. He might NOT be the brightest, smartest, wisest, strongest, most experienced, richest, the most qualified, the most endowed, the best etc but if we all rally behind & support that individual or individuals, we can accomplish any task and get to the promised land. For you might be Gershon, son of Moses, but you weren’t chosen to be leader in your father’s stead so as to complete your Dad’s assignment, you still need to rally behind Joshua so that everyone can get to the Promised Land. Wouldn’t it be joyous for you to see your father’s desire before he died fulfilled when the Israelites get to the promised? The task has been done, that’s what we all seek and not who did the task.

Mother Teresa once said

You can do what I can’t do
I can do what you can’t do
BUT together WE can do GREAT things together

We can do great things if we all Rally Behind any leader set before us for the Bible says in Romans 13:1 “Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God”(New International Version).

An essential tip for all leaders.
Know that there are mainly 3 types of Leaders.

Leader A is ACHIEVEMENT of TASK Oriented

Leader B aims at BUILDING TEAMS

Leader D DEVELOPS & MOTIVATES Individuals.

And like a Three Set Venn Diagram with sets A, B & D standing for every kind of leader, the Intersection of all three sets, C is

A n B n D= C

Where C is GREAT LEADERSHIP which serves as a BLEND of each kind of leadership style.

With all said and done Edition 3 would sign off here for Edition 4 to Start Loading.


#BGIM Xmas Came Early

Remember LEADERSHIP is Needed in EVERYTHING.

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