#‎BGIM‬ Christmas 🎄 Came Early Edition II- DON’T JUST PLAN, TAKE ACTIONS



After letting us know why we need to PLAN BETTER and how to do it in Edition I, I tell you that it is not enough just to plan.

You need to TAKE ACTION.

For it is said that ‘A DROP of action is worth MORE than an OCEAN of intentions/plans‘.

Small action>>>Best Plan without Action

So after all the better planning, you need to take the NECESSARY actions to bring all those wonderful plans into fruition otherwise your life, programmes, events and the like would be JUST AS when you didn’t plan better. Known as BACK to Square 1.

TIMELINES are very essential and must be MET because they help you monitor the progress of preparation or progress of work. So you know whether you have to make EXTRA effort when you realize you’re lagging behind in the OVERALL Timeline.

Also, make it a conscious effort to update everyone concerned about the PROGRESS being made because even when you’re ON COURSE, it motivates others to keep to the Schedule and put in it the Remaining Effort required to beat the Final Timeline/Deadline so that we can all walk CHEST-OUT for the good work done.

Don’t LEAVE anything out. I mean anything out not even a pin that might be required. If you are organizing a Prayer 🙏 Meeting say on a Friday Night, make sure after all top level planning and action concerning Speaker, Instruments, Publicity and the like, don’t forget to buy bags of sachet water for the members/congregation far before the meeting starts. I guess you know after praying for a while, the members would require water so as to CARRY ON.
So DON’T say “Oh, there’s a store close by to the church , so you WOULD buy some when you get there”. What if there’s been lights out aka DUMSOR there the whole day or the shop/store wasn’t opened that evening.

Yes, so you see 👀, you have take action on everything. And EVERYTHING means EVERYTHING, including ALL leaving NOTHING behind.

So as i said, it’s time we add ACTIONS to all our Plans.

Edition II Signing Out here for Edition III to start loading 🔃.

Plans+Actions=Tremendous SUCCESS

#BGIM X’mas 🎅 Came Early

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