#‎BGIM‬ Christmas 🎄 Came EARLY Edition I- IT’S TIME to PLAN BETTER

#BGIM Christmas Came Early Edition I


#‎BGIM‬ Christmas 🎄 Came EARLY Edition I

Yesterday’s weekly #BGIM (Bless God It’s Monday) wasn’t released as always although one very good follower requested for it by 8am in the morning.
The Editorial Committee meanwhile had quite some SPECIAL plans for Christmas 🎄 albeit also wanting to prepare everyone for the Christmas 🎄 festivities with 4 Editions before 2015 ends since we were left with 2 Mondays excluding the Monday of the Christmas 🎄 week.

So, we are releasing 4 Critical Editions of #BGIM this week for every working day, (though it isn’t Monday) but with the idea 💡 to help us have a memorable and fruitful Christmas 🎄 season.

#BGIM Xmas 🎅 Edition I


It is said that “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail“. So because of that almost everybody plans in one way or the other for…

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