This ‪#‎SEQUEL‬ to the last #BGIM would address the reason


The reason is easily explained in this quote by Kareem Abdul Jabbar which says…

A team will always APPRECIATE a Great individual if he’s WILLING to Sacrifice for the Group

As seen in the last #BGIM, no one can do without a team on the path to success, for we all realise that highly successful corporations thrive on the strength of the Principle of Teamwork. So by now, most of us want to benefit fully from this Great Time-tested Principle.

BUT some of us, still upon trying to work in a team, just found out that we JUST couldn’t fit in. And the reason is very SIMPLE. It’s because however intelligent, talented, smart, skillful or so, we are, we believe we are better than >>> everyone else, so everything should be done our way. And this shouldn’t be so.

Remember the last #BGIM Quote on Teamwork says “None of Us is SMARTER than All of Us”

I have realised that sometimes, you being seemingly better, you might have a wonderful idea, plan or project but that plan would never come to fruition because we tend to bogus every other person’s thought. And we are shocked when our seemingly best plan ever fails because we forget every Great Vision is carried and run 🏃 by the people who support the vision (aka your Team members). So after rubbishing everybody’s thought or suggestion, who do you expect to run 🏃 your vision for you.

The Ghanaian proverb says ‘He that charts the road doesn’t know that the road is Crooked‘. So until you’re willing to listen 👂 to and come down 👇and relate with your fellow team members, you would never ever see that great vision or dream come to fruition.

It’s time we put sside all our Egos and work together as a Team for ‘TOGETHER WE ACHIEVE MORE


Bless God It’s Monday


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