#BGIM Bless God It’s Monday


Most of us forget that ‘TOGETHER Everybody Achieves More‘. Life is so interesting such that YOU CAN NEVER NEVER achieve it ALL on your Own. Even our Lord and Master, Jesus when He came to the earth worked in CLOSE ASSOCIATION with a TEAM.

A story is once told of two of the strongest men in a town being employed by a rich  man to PUSH OVER two logs (tree) OFF his newly acquired land. Each was apportioned a particular log and hence would be PAID for pushing his own. Sadly, the tree logs where so HEAVY such that none of them could push, actually ROLLOVER his. They TRIED and TRIED and TRIED, all to NO AVAIL up until the time the richman asked why they couldn’t JOIN their FORCES together to Push each others own to get the Job DONE. And as Wisdom is ESSENTIAL always, they were able to ACCOMPLISH the TASK in NO time.

Most people SEEMINGLY better in the team do think they can do it on their own without the Others but they forget this two sayings of TEAMWORK…

The Group is Greater than the SUM of the Parts


None of us is as SMART than ALL of us

Let’s think about this during the Course of work this week and see how TRUE it is.

I know some are asking why does it SEEM I just CAN’T work in a Team or why my fellow team members are not SUPPORTIVE or COLLABORATIVE with me. I believe you should get the answer over the course of this week by the TIME next week’s #SEQUEL is ready, which would Address this ISSUE accordingly.



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