Therapy is very essential in keeping us fit always and refreshed. And as the weekend begins, I pray you would have the Needed THERAPEUTIC Effect to get you back in shape by Monday, because indeed you have WORKED HARD this week and you DESERVE the weekend break which would be full of REST and Quality Time with F&F (Family & Friends).

Hence, let me share with you a THERAPEUTIC Message with Greater Significance.

[“Nausea and vomitting is a symptom of many diseases. The underlining cause of this symptom must therefore be found and treated. Targeting just the symptom without dealing with the root cause may lead to an improper management with possible recurrence of symptoms.

Sometimes we face certain challenges in life that cannot be dealt with superficially. We have to find the root cause and deal with them. Not all sicknesses have their origin in the physical, some are orchestrated in the spiritual. Just treating the disease with drugs may not resolve the situation. You may have to deal with the demons and principalities working behind the scenes.

Be like Rebecca, enquire of God to know why that pregnancy is so difficult.(Gen25:21-22). Wrestle with God till he changes your name from Jacob to Israel. Cry to the God of Heaven to reveal to you why no one stays married in your family or why you struggle so much in your academic pursuits.

There may be an underlining cause that you have to deal with. Treating the symptom is not enough. Like Jesus said ‘This kind can come out only by prayer’ (Mark9:29). Call on your God now!”]

God’s Journal”



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