#BGIM Bless God It’s Monday

It’s Monday again. Yes, it’s Monday again oo. But Good news is that though it’s TIME to work again, it is actually the BEST TIME to start seeing the Blessings of God MANIFEST in our lives THROUGH the Work of our Hands.



I start by this quote by @WRITE_S ©

“You Might not be the BEST at what you do but make sure you ALWAYS Give out the BEST of what you CAN DO”

This is because I have always maintained that “GREATNESS is not about being in a Big or High Position but rather SEEN in the WAY you Do things”. Everyone might SWEEP the house but when it gets to your turn on the ROSTER, everyone should take NOTICE that indeed someone special has SWEPT the house today.

Everybody might do it anyhow or do it the way it is EXPECTED but I say when it gets to your turn DO IT SO WELL that you yourself would be PROUD of the work you’ve done.

The most important thing to you in that task should be that you’d be HAPPY and GLAD because you did the task and DID IT WELL.

For Proverbs 22:29 tells us that

“Seest thou a man DILIGENT in his business? he shall stand before kings; he shall not stand before mean men.”(KJV)

“Do you see someone SKILLED in their work? They will serve before kings; they will not serve before officials of low rank.”-NIV


As you do that work/ task DILIGENTLY and SKILLFULLY, NOT looking  for the APPLAUSE of men, but rather the JOY and Fulfillment of a JOB Well Done, you’re UNKNOWINGLY opening Great DOORS and OPPORTUNITIES for yourself because whatever you’re doing people are watching you whether good or bad. And like Joseph in Potiphar’s House, people would definitely take notice of you and in the FULLNESS of Time, you would FIND your Rightful Place in Pharaoh’s PALACE.

For if it must Done, it must be done WELL.





Image Credit: @iperryimages on Twitter


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