#BGIM Bless God It’s Monday

It’s Monday again. And that means back to business as usual. Remember that it kickoffs the Manifestation of God’s Blessings through the WORK of our Hands.IMG-20151109-WA0002


Most often than not, people think that because they are blessed by the Lord, they can live their lives anyhow because the BLESSING is always there. I believe the story of SAMSON would always be a CONSTANT Reminder that the Blessing, Grace or Anointing ISN’T Always there.

A look at a verse from the Book of Wisdom should tell us something.

(Proverbs 18:9) One who is slack in his work is brother to one who destroys.

Eeeeiii. BROTHER to one who Destroys???

YES oo!!!

That’s how the Bible surprisingly compares us to, if you have been LACKADAISICAL or SLOTHFUL in any work you do. So you might think that your God is blessing you but UNKNOWINGLY you’re Destroying the Same thing God is blessing.

So you ask, How have I been SLOTHFUL? ANYTIME you know there’s work to be done and as the Akan language puts it ‘wo twetw3n wo nan ase’ translated as DRAGGING your FEET . Somebody would say ‘you aa you won’t do it, you too aaa you won’t allow someone to do it’. And Physics would say that “Work done is ZERO(0), Efficiency almost 0%”

You might say “I would do it eventually” but you forget that the Time you delayed in doing it is MONEY and you Would have CAUSED the Other Person DEPENDENT on the output of that Task A LOT you just can’t Imagine.

I hope we don’t want to be compared to a DESTROYER again, so we would Strive to be DILIGENT in All our ENDEAVORS and I believe the Blessing of the Living God would ABOUND in our lives UNABATED.

Have a Blessed Week.




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