I believe we all had a Refreshing and Rejuvenating Weekend for which we are now prepared to enter the last stretch of this year. Already, it’s November, I pray that the Good LORD keeps us all safe and sound as we plan to CROSSOVER to Next Year.


I have always said and maintained that until we RESPECT and VALUE the work of Everyone in this nation/society, we CAN’T have the Desired Exponential Growth and Development we seek as a Nation. Do you think if we all sat/worked in OFFICES, where would we get foodstuffs to buy when we want to prepare food for ourselves and family? If we were all on TV or Radio, who would do the Listening? If all parents worked the normal 8 hours daily, who would have time to Nurture our dear children? If we all went to SLEEP at Night, who and who would Stay Awake to keep watch over our companies, homes and communities? If everybody became a Lawyer, a Banker, a Doctor, a Pastor and the like, who would TEACH your children in School?

Do you see what I trying to talk about? There’s a PLACE for everyone in this world, it might not be BIG or Well-Esteemed but indeed he/she has a SIGNIFICANT ROLE to play to keep the Society moving.

A PUZZLE can’t be complete without a Missing Piece. Every piece is important to SOLVE the Puzzle.

Have you ever seen a situation whereby a CEO, Managing Director or Head Pastor has to make a Huge Presentation and the AUDIOVISUAL is not working: the Projector, Sound System and the like is JUST Not FUNCTIONING well, that is when you would see everybody looking for the Sound Men, who most of the time are Not Noticed at any institution? I don’t want you to go through any situation of this kind before you would say the ‘REGRETTERS’ Speech: “Had I Known?

I SALUTE Potiphar really well. He didn’t mind that Joseph was a SLAVE such that when he realized the Potential in him along with his Work Ethic, he ENTRUSTED his Entire Estate into his care just as the Prison Warden. And i hope we all know what that decision brought to the Establishment of these Noble men?

Let me remind you of this Quote by @WRITE_S ©

There is an IOTA of GREATNESS in Everyone. All that is left is for that Greatness to be HARNESSED

So the end of the matter is this, whatever Work/Role you play whether Big or Small, Do it with all DILIGENCE for YOU ARE the Missing Piece society needs to make it. Don’t forget, the stone the builders rejected became the Chief Cornerstone.



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