After yesterday‘s stories of Isaac and the Kenkey seller, I know we have thought of More Challenges that ACCOMPANIES Growth and Blessings and HOW TO OVERCOME/MANAGE THEM. A few of them would be Illustrated in this piece (as much as would be ENOUGH for Reading Comfort)

Once the Blessings begin to MANIFEST, we need to REVAMP our STOCK of Materials (whether raw, semi-, finished or auxiliary materials). You can’t keep ORDERING the SAME SIZE/STOCK when you’re Seeing Growth in the Business. One of the WORST Things that can Happen to your Business is to ‘SHORT’ Materials. Even if it is Poly bag for people to put what they PURCHASE from you, it is Very CATASTROPHIC.

CAPACITY DEVELOPMENT is a key Trademark ™ of any company that still stays at the Top. As the company/business Grows, every other INPUT needs to Grow so as to be at par. Training and Retraining (REFRESHER Courses) of yourself and all Employees should be PARAMOUNT to your Goals each year. Recruiting of people with the Needed/Missing Skills should not be Hesitated upon. If you badly need the Service of Someone who can TYPE ’50-70 words per minute’ to keep the Business running, Quickly DO THAT. Don’t let your Budget RESTRICT you from doing such, for the Reward of taking such a RISK would DEFINITELY be IMMENSE.

PROMPT DELIVERY. Humans esp. Ghanaians are naturally people who would Only NOTIFY you when the Time is near the NEED of your Service. Hence, like a Seamstress/Tailor if you Know you Can’t DELIVER on their Personally Induced LATE Deadline, Don’t ACCEPT to Offer your Service or better still Notify them of the Projected DELAY in Delivery due to their Delay. You know PROMPT DELIVERY, is why People would Pay MUCH for DHL and EMS as opposed to Postal Service.

Most importantly, IMPROVED CUSTOMER SERVICE. It’s your Good Customer Service that has brought More Customers, and to bring in more Customers and at the same not lose your Old Customers/ Patronisers, you have to IMPROVE to BETTER CUSTOMER SERVICE. People can come from far and near to see of what they have heard of your Business and like King Solomon, the Queen of Sheba should come and ATTEST that what she heard was not even up to HALF what she Came to SEE with her Naked Eyes  and that you’ve Greatly EXCEEDED her Expectations.

I believe with these few Outlined Challenges Time and Space has Allowed in this piece, I hope we would be able to Manage Any Challenge that Accompanies our BLESSINGS/GROWTH so that we would Constantly stay at the Top like Microsoft Corporation®.

God Bless you so much for making time to READ and PRACTISE these.

I know i would See you ALWAYS at the TOP.

A dear friend of mine would say

“SEE you at the HIGHER ECHELONS of Life”



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