#BGIM Bless God It’s Monday

Another working week starts for most of us after a Refreshing and Rejuvenating Weekend physically and spiritually.


We pray for God to bless our business or simply the Work of our Hands like Isaac for which the Bible the records of him in Genesis 26:12

“Isaac planted crops in that land and the same year reaped a hundredfold, because the LORD blessed him.”

But we forget that such Blessings comes with Challenges we have to work hard to Overcome in order to Benefit from them.

Just like Isaac, one Kenkey seller after giving an offering of all her proceeds sold for that Sunday of their church’s FUNDRAISING, had a QUANTUM JUMP in Sales such that she, who would had problems selling “One Round of Cooking” now Constantly had to Sell “Two Rounds of Cooking” to her Utmost Surprise and to her ‘UNDOING’ (Undoing in her own words and view).

Such that 3 months afterwards when she came to GIVE her Testimony in Church, she prayed her Church Leaders to plead with God to Reduce the Magnitude of Her Blessing because it has even affected her Church Attendance since that was her Next Day in church after the Fundraising/Mega Offering.

She had a CHALLENGE of HOW to Manage the Growth or Blessings in Business.

My mum upon hearing this story just said this is when WISDOM has to Come to Play. She should get a few more Helping Hands and that would solve the problem.

When we also check with Isaaac, he had Enough Servants to work for him. WISDOM he applied.

There are so many challenges that come with GROWTH and because some Don’t REALISE them, the Business/Work Grows but Can’t Maintain that Growth so Instead of Staying at the Top, they start Dwindling or Retrogressing after a while.

This is a Sad Situation of most Ghanaian businesses.



I would have preferred to Continue #TheSequel on Next Week’s #BGIM, but looking at the ENORMITY of this Truth, I would PRESENT the #SEQUEL tomorrow.

Don’t forget #BGIM

God RICHLY BLESS You but you have to MANAGE all those Blessings.


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