This is the PROMISED Sequel to Yesterday’s #BGIM -It’s An HONOUR For Someone To Patronize Your Service

Because it’s an HONOUR for you to Patronize someone’s service as his or her customer DOESN’T MEAN THAT, and I mean it to the fullest extent, you should DISRESPECT & LOOK DOWN on your Service Provider.

Because there are so many Recharge Cards Vendors around and you chose this particular one doesn’t mean you should TREAT the Vendor anyhow just because it’s your money that the vendor ‘DEPENDS’ on to make a living.

So that’s what you think, right???!!!

I am sure there’s been at least an instance in your lifetime where you really needed to buy Mobile Credit and you just couldn’t get some or you had a huge challenge even getting the expected amount you wanted. You ask when did that happen? Instances such as WHEN

  1. It is Raining ☔,
  2. You’re in a Car, Taxi or ‘Trotro’ and you urgently need to RETURN a call but you’re low on Credit

iii.When the vendor has closed

iv.The vendor didn’t report to work that day and you have to walk a longer distance and even sometimes go on a ‘Credit Seller Search’ to find one.

v.You go to a programme/event or a place where ‘Credit Sellers’ aren’t scattered all over the place. And you have to search in the middle of ‘NOWHERE’ and ask people so as to locate one DEAR Recharge Cards Seller.

It is then you would, pardon me to say, Come to your Senses that It’s NOT ALL ABOUT THE MONEY. Cos you have your money in your hand but the money Is Of NO USE to you now. I think at this moment that you would Realise that It Is Really An HONOUR for Someone to OFFER you a SERVICE because if you care to know that person can offer OTHER Services you Don’t Patronize and Still Make Ends Meet. BAM!!!

Honour RECEIVED should always be RETURNED.

Let’s learn to Treat Each Other well in Business because we all Depend on Each Other to Survive just as the Right hand bathes the left hand and vice-versa.



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